View Full Version : Evans - The silence is deafening

09-01-2015, 11:45 AM
For a man who is never short of something to say when the going is good, our manager has been conspicuous by his absence this week.

Some will say he doesn't trust the press but why not use Millers Player or the official site to speak to the fans. Others will say he is too busy working on transfers, but he has been equally busy when things are going well and has never been short of a word. The understanding fan would say that he isn't handling the pressure well and thinks Raynor will be more diplomatic in interviews, although surely an in house interview would be fine. Others and I am one, just think that he takes all the credit when it goes well but won't take the flack or any responsibility when it doesn't. He just blames everyone else or disappears.

Steve Evans did a great job in winning two promotions but so did Revs, Pringle, Bradley, Arnason and Morgan. When they make mistakes does their manager back them and say how well they have done for the club? No they are publicly ri