View Full Version : Alex Neil

22-01-2015, 09:04 PM
As we are now on our third manager since Paul Lambert. I was wondering how long Alex Neil had been on McNally`s radar. Presumably he was not"top of the list" during the close season or Adams would have been moved over. The list of wrong choices now reads as Houghton,Royal, Robson, Adams and Phelan, all in less than a year. Alex Neil could be the breath of fresh air the club desperately needs. We should all give him our utmost support, at the same time as hoping the board all ****** off on holiday and let him get on with it. Unless of course he turns out to be another Peter Grant and has to be moved on.

23-01-2015, 08:00 PM
Fours you mention, Royal, Robson, N A, M P what was our board thinking, it's almost laughable, and makes me wonder if this manager fails (I don't think he will) but where would leave D M etc, no place to hide, searched Europe, my @rse. This Manager needs some of Lamberts luck to rub off, I hope for all our sakes he gets it.