View Full Version : Well that was exciting

01-02-2015, 06:01 PM
Was wondering if any one at Carra opened the window, surly AN has been here long enough to know that half his squad is not fit for purpose, and it hurts to say quite a few of them have come in over the last eight months.

Now maybe we have spent our budget, or shall I say squandered it, perhaps payments to sacked managers, coaches, and useless hangers on have eaten into our reserves, or is it a case that despite all the talk about backing this manager is just that TALK, and the board are as yet unable to sanction any likely targets.

I know there is still time, not much, and if there is a flurry of activity ( both ways) which I doubt I have got it wrong, and I hope I have, but it looks to me if yet again our wonderful board have done what they do best, Sweet FA.

Time we prepared for next season in THIS divison cos sure as eggs are eggs we aint going up.

02-02-2015, 07:41 PM
What do I know, looks like we may have a new face or two after all. Andreu, Dorrans Noone, Olson going to WBA? not that bothered.

Anyone suffering problems trying to log in on mad.