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07-03-2015, 04:03 PM
Having always used Firefox for my browser,since last week I cannot get it to work.
I have studied online to see if there is a problem ,but cannot find one,other than someone saying my anti virus(avast)
is stopping it working.
Any help appreciated.

Imploding Turtle
07-03-2015, 04:26 PM
Describe the symptoms, and post any error codes you're receiving.

07-03-2015, 04:29 PM
Not receiving any error codes.
When I open the browser,the timer just spins,and as I try to key a page into the tab it says not responding,until I have to close.
I have thoroughly checked for virus and malware,and have come up with nothing.

07-03-2015, 04:48 PM
Hi Stevie,

When you say it isn't working, is it just not loading any websites up? Or just a blank screen when you type a website in? Can you upload a screen shot of what is happening?

07-03-2015, 07:47 PM
I would uninstall it, then download and install a new version (using Internet Explorer)

07-03-2015, 11:43 PM
Mac or PC?

08-03-2015, 09:01 AM
Firstly it's on a PC
Secondly,tried uninstall,clean re-install,no avail.
Third,it comes up as normal,the tab empty to start as usual,then as you try to type a webpage into the tab,it locks,saying not responding.

Imploding Turtle
08-03-2015, 09:25 AM
Install this and show one of us what exactly you're saying is happening. - view external link (http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx)

08-03-2015, 10:00 AM
OK,now what do I do?

Imploding Turtle
08-03-2015, 11:02 AM
Do you have an instant messenger client we can talk over?

08-03-2015, 11:40 AM
F/book messenger?

Imploding Turtle
08-03-2015, 11:51 AM
Install Skype and add ChaeDoc as a contact. - view external link (www.tinyurl.com)

08-03-2015, 02:41 PM
I don't know if you have sorted this yet, however my daughter had a similar problem that browsers would not load pages using Windows 8. After searching the internet I found this solution that worked for her.

1. In the search box input command prompt and right click to open as administrator.
2. Type netsh winsock reset
3. Press Enter
4. Restart

This sorted it out for her - but don't ask me what it means!

08-03-2015, 08:06 PM
Many thanks for your time and effort this afternoon IT,really pleased you could help,and be bothered to stick with me for so long.

08-03-2015, 08:20 PM
Some nice helpful guys on here (and turtles!) :D