View Full Version : 95 to 97

06-04-2015, 07:33 AM
mins x 6
That what our players have to prove they are winners again by giving 110% for everyone of those mins, no more sloppy 20 min periods that cost us games
That is what we have as fans to keep behind the team during these games, no booing no nervous silence no shouting abuse at anyone player
That is what Steve Evans has got to remind us why he has been so successful for us and to not have his legacy tarnished by a relegation. He needs to select the correct players. Who will always be a matter of opinion but surely our own players deserve a chance and surely he can see how poor Wilson and Sammon have been recently. This is the time where he needs to get his subs right and the tactics to try and get a point from every game with a couple of 3 pointers along the way. This is the time he needs to keep his cool, stop abusing officials in the game and wearing foil hats on about alien conspiracies at the end of games. We need Steve Evans to do his job, to show the people who are waiting fo