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07-04-2015, 07:10 PM
Great lives on Radio 4 this afternoon covered the life of the cricketer Learie Constantine, the former professional at Nelson. A fascinating human story of the man which is well worth a listen on iPlayer.

Next weeks Great Life is another interesting character in Lady Ottoline Morrell, (next Tuesday 14/4 at 4:30) socialite, bohemian, celebrity Burnley supporter, wife of former Burnley MP Philip Morrell. Should be interesting. - view external link (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05qgch9)

07-04-2015, 07:32 PM
Thanks for the heads-up Mike.

This, for me, falls into the 'not to be missed' category. She was one seriously fascinating lady and a Burnley fan to boot.

07-04-2015, 07:50 PM
A really special human being was Learie Constantine who did brilliant things throughout his life.

Even as a Nelson CC fan you have to say that cricket comes down the list of the achievements in his life.

Great listening.

07-04-2015, 08:48 PM
I just knew royboyclaret would be on this thread when I saw the title :D

14-04-2015, 04:20 PM
Confirmation from the Great Lives programme today that our first celebrity supporter was one intriguing lady. Well worth the listen, even though Burnley didn't get a mention, she led a remarkable life mixing with the Bloomsbury set in the early 20th century that included Bertrand Russell, Charlie Chaplin, Virginia Woolf, D.H. Lawrence, Siegried Sassoon, Lloyd-George, Churchill and many more.

She clearly loved her time in Burnley with her husband Philip who was the town's Liberal M.P. and made lots of friends including ladies in the bleak cotton mills that she visited as well as our very own Tommy Boyle.

When Burnley reached the Cup Final in 1914 Lady Ottoline kindly gave a guided tour of the House of Commons to as many Burnley fans as wanted to visit before going to the match at Crystal Palace. When Tommy Boyle went up to receive the Cup from King George Lady Ottoline can be clearly seen in the Royal box.