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27-04-2015, 04:22 AM
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27-04-2015, 05:22 AM
When you have succeeded in business by making shrewd financial decisions, get into the position of becoming a Director of a football club, then put your own personal assets into said football club, then your opinion might be worth something. The directors would love to stay up as much as we do as they would most probably gain a lot financially, and they are not making the decisions you don't like just to spite you, They realise they are custodians of the clubs future and are behaving accordingly. Portsmouth, Wigan, Bolton, Ba5tards, Blackpool, Leeds etc are examples of what can happen when the board forgets that and gamble by spending. I am sure you would be up, having a go at them if they had overspent and we faced financial meltdown. So, instead of knee jerking about and having a pop at easy targets, why not just follow the club and appreciate what they have done, and are still doing for it. After all, if they sell up we might get another Venkys coming in. You would almost certainly

27-04-2015, 05:48 AM
Its interesting.

Is our pending relegation entirely due to the fact that the Board didn't back the Club with new players or did the Board back Sean SOMEWHAT but no player(s) could be found that was better than what we had FOR THE TRANSFER FEE MADE AVAILABLE?

In other words was SOME monies there but not enough?

Was there was an (realistic; unrealistic) limit on the wage bill?

Or a bit of both?

Sean seemed to indicate that the fees being asked were too high but in the game of poker we lost--bigtime.

Dragging us down would have been the last Prem fiasco where the wages bill was far too high at the point of relegation.

I remember that THE BEAST would rather not play than leave and play elsewhere as he could pick up good money for doing nothing.

But whatever the truth it comes down to this.

1. The next time we get promoted to the Prem (if we ever do)a great many of us wont be around to see it as we will be dead of old age.

2. One year in the Prem doesn't set us up for life --the

27-04-2015, 07:23 AM
The board supplied the money to get us up.

Remember these fellas have their OWN money on the line especially when we are back in the Championship.

They offered what most of us would seem to be a reasonable amount for reasonably good players and on at least two deals the money was accepted initially. The fact that we were extremely naive is another story.

I could be wrong but the problem seems to lie in the back room staff.

1. The recruitment team doesn't seem up to standard.

Not much else to be said to be honest. We need an investigation and look to bring in some PROVEN, qualified, knowledgable experienced people in that area.

We are extremely naive in this area proven by the fact that we were stitched up ...not once but twice by a supposed fellow relegation candidate and allegedly where the present incumbent used to work.

It may cost more money but we definitely need help in this important area.

2. The development coaching set up also doesn't seem up to standard.

There seems

27-04-2015, 08:31 AM
I will be the first to admit that we havent to go silly with the Balance sheet, we dont need debt and it has never been a way to solve problems, but in the closure of the January transfer window we came away with not one addition to the squad,no signings, no loan players and i do think too come away from that with nothing, shows that somewhere at Boardroom Level we ar'ent professional enough.We supposedly had one or two players lined up ready and willing to come, why wasnt it sorted halfway through the window, and if the deals collapsed look elsewhere.This Season we had a real chance of succeeding in the Premiership, if we dont the people at the top need to ask themselves if they would do things the same way,my opinion the Board or the people at the top have let the Club down.