View Full Version : So Good Luck to All

28-04-2015, 02:59 PM
Nothing more to say other than it's the time we knew we all would be waiting for.

When we had our discussions about players coming in and going out, especially around Transfer Deadline Day, we all sort of knew we would be where we are. Pity though, we would of course be safe had it not been for the 3 points deduction.

The Players, Staff and Fans all played their part on Saturday and I'm sure we all will again tonight. I would say this game is as important as our Play Off final was last season.

I believe this team is as settled as it has been all season, has a fighting spirit that it didn't have for 75% of the season and it is capable of delivering the result tonight that we need.

Sell out crowd or as near as dam it.

I'll be starting my journey down in an hour or so and to be honest, today has been a complete write off. Can't think of owt other than our match.

So, just wanna say, Good luck to everyone who supports our beloved Millers and I'm hoping the next post I add to will be