View Full Version : Who or What do we support when we follow Burnley FC?

18-06-2015, 04:56 AM
There are a number of posts that say footballers don't deeply care for the club they represent and only do so for the chance to play first team football and (obviously)the money.

Whilst there are exceptions to this comment its reasonably safe to say its generally true.

It does make it difficult for fans to give loyal support to the players--cheer them on-- and support the club wholeheartedly only to see the players move to other clubs just as they please.

If we lose Tripps; Heaton; Shackell as well as Ings they must be replaced which given our extreme reluctance to spend money makes an early promotion back to the Prem more unlikely.

So what is it we, as fans, actually support? The Club you say--but what is the club?

The changing Directors who seem to come and go and come as pleases them?

The changing Management and Management Support; the changing players?

Is it the Ground? Or the Team colours?

Past memories?

We say we don't want rich, foreign, money to be poured into the clu

18-06-2015, 06:44 AM
It must be the colours, the locality of the club, the tradition, the "unfashionable" club, the glory of beating big city clubs, all of these rolled into one. I have supported the Clarets since the late 50's, so it has to be a combination of these factors, not any individual or particular era. I have stayed with them through the highs of the sixties, the lows of my first rekegation, the highs of 72/73, the lows of the second relegation
The lows of the 70,s
The even lower lows of the eighties.
The renaissance of the 90's
And the marvellous last fifteen years.
UTC, whoever they may be.

18-06-2015, 08:21 AM
"Do we need to get a life?"

Yes is probably the answer to that question, but the simple fact is we attach ourselves to a club for whatever reason, and that's it. Unlike players etc. we stick with one club no matter what.

As painful as it was at times in the 1980s, I didn't suddenly choose to go and support another club, I stuck with the one I'd always supported. Some gave up, and I can understand why, but when they did come back it was to Burnley and not another club.

We're all different. My choice was made for me by my dad who took me. It was the local club, in fact we lived a couple of minutes walk from the turnstiles.

I got hooked, it got inside me and it is still in there and always will be.

18-06-2015, 10:08 AM
Like CT, ingrained in me from going with my Dad in the 50's. Likewise with my two sons of different generations. Worked in London for 22 years...always saw the Clarets down there when I could. Even when I watched Luton Town when they were in the First Division, cos I lived close by, it was always the Burnley result I was interested in. Have lived in Leeds since 1988 ...wouldn't dream of watching them. Now Upper Mac S/t holder with my two sons...its in the genes, big part of my life, sticker in the car, part of my car reg...

Roll on 8th August

18-06-2015, 10:41 AM
Another with the Claret legacy passed down from my Dad. And his Dad before him.
We also used to have the best pies in league football too... :)

18-06-2015, 10:47 AM
Same for me . My dad took me when I was 4 years old but I don't remember of course but started going regularly from age 6/7 . Could never ever under any set of circumstances support any other team .

Don't like what's happened to the game over the last 20 years so fallen out of love with it to some degree but will never fall out of love with BFC - they're engrained in my heart and soul .

18-06-2015, 10:50 AM
All of the above and more. There was a brilliant book written a few years ago called (I think) the Psychology of a Football Fan. in summary it boiled our attachment with a team down to a form of tribalism that each game allows us to vent (& don't some, even I'm ashamed to say myself)

Burnley being such a small closed knit town (I can't speak for others but living down south it is different) exacerbates that attachment with our team even more.

The thing is the older I get the worse (or better) it gets??

18-06-2015, 10:50 AM
When you're bitten you're bitten.

It's who you go with, your dad, brothers, mates.

It's the memories, Orient game, York away, Parky's goal at Wembley, Glen's at Scunny, Wade's at Wembley and George Boyds v Citeh.

Then the pain of losing to Rochdale 3-0, Wovers 5 something, Matty missing the post vs Leicester - that just makes us stronger.

It's been there since we were born and will still be there when we're all gone (unlike many other clubs).

It's simply the best thing in the world, other than the wife and kids of course :)

Can't wait 'till August 8th.

18-06-2015, 10:52 AM
My old man was a BPA fan and deep down, he always will be. When they went bust, he tried BCFC for half a season but couldn't 'get in to it'.

Hating Leeds, the next options were Halifax or Huddersfield (both pretty rubbish) and so, with Burnley being the next nearest decent team, despite being over the boarder, that was the destination for a season. The rest as they say is history and MD and myself have naturally followed.

It's not the local town or anything that I support, it's the club and whoever represents it at any particular time.

18-06-2015, 11:04 AM
I'm beginning to feel like Ron Manager now...
stood on the Beehole End, claret and blue shirts glistening under floodlights against a lush green pitch eating a meat & tater. Mmmm marvellous.

18-06-2015, 11:04 AM
Its a combination of things, for some its a link to the past. Older relatives will have watched entirely different teams than their grandchildren, it spans generations. The Turf is a focal point in the town.
Some will have endured decades of struggle, other have seen success. The club is a powerful reference point in many of our lives.
Whatever life throws at us, Burnley has been a constant even if everything else has gone t*** up.

Fans have shared experiences too, home or away. Magnificent victories against all odds, heartbreaking defeats as well.
Great players, great goals live long in the memory.
Inevitably age, injuries, transfers mean players move on, we accept that. What matters is the Burnley.Its a thread that links us all together.
I suppose there is a risk that changes that are imposed on us will change our thinking, the money grubbing modern era with corporate philosophies could alienate a great many supporters.
Overall though we mostly stick with it.It has a lifelong

18-06-2015, 11:21 AM
My dad was a Claret but growing up in Baxinden thought it was only right to give me a "free" choice of teams. He took me to Deadwood one week to sit in a ramshackled old wood stand on a rainy grey day to watch I cannot even remember who. The week after he took me to the Turf against Notts County in November 1978. The place was electric the stands seemed full to busting despite being twice the size of Deadwood. The Longside was in full voice as I sat a 7 year old with a perfect view of it from the Bob Lord Stand and a bloke behind me with the deepest voice I'd ever heard repeatedly boomed out "Buuuuuuunnnnnlllllleeeeeyyyyy, Buuuuuuurrrrrnnnnnlleeeyyy!" I turned to look at what I could only think was some giant to be met with a big smile a wink and "Isn't this the life?". It was as if God himself was talking to me. Anyway we won 2-1 in the Claret V shirt. On the way home my dad asked me who do you want to follow? "Thank God" he said as we headed back to the car. He turned me around on th

18-06-2015, 11:46 AM
"The club is a powerful reference point in many of our lives"

Thank you Butterfly. All that has been said I feel--but your comment is definitive.


18-06-2015, 12:05 PM
As some of the above, I was introduced to the mad world of Burnley FC in the late fifties by my grandad. Later I started taking my younger brother and since then it has exploded. I now proudly sit in the Jimmy Mac upper with my grandson.

We now meet up regular on home games, brothers, children and grandchildren. On most games we can have fourteen of the same family attending the game, of which seven are season ticket holders.

As it has been said previously it's in the blood.

19-06-2015, 08:29 AM
When we follow BFC, we support what's ingrained in our gut/heart. We can never ignore it, although at times we'd like to. There's just no cure and no substitute.