View Full Version : Coral shirt promotion - AVOID

25-08-2015, 06:53 PM
So, after hearing about the Coral shirt promotion at the weekend I decided to read the T&Cs, seemed a good offer and it was suggested that I could be done over the season.
I decided today to put the 3 10.00 bets on the cup draws tonight. So, I signed up, deposited the 30.00 and picked the games. Something told me to check with them to see if I needed to do anything else. I was told on checking that they had decided to stop the promotion, as within T&Cs number 9, the promotion can be cancelled at any time. Not a happy bunny! No mention of it being canceled on their site. Canaries.co.uk still promoting the offer! I have now applied to get my 30.00 back (will take 5 days), I just hope that others haven't been conned by this offer (having placed 1 or 2 of the bets and waiting on the others). I understand that on paper they have done nothing wrong, but making a huge deal of this then withdrawing the offer on the quiet within 48 hours without any mention anywhere makes it feel a complete co