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06-09-2015, 12:18 PM
Der Torwart was in Scotland this weekend to see his international team playing but couldn't resist taking time out to cheer on The Rangers.
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06-09-2015, 12:34 PM
Is that the guy that shipped 6 in Paradise

06-09-2015, 01:37 PM
The guy Larsson chipped the ball over when Celtic phucked the dead club 6-2 :D

06-09-2015, 02:14 PM
Great keeper.

06-09-2015, 02:43 PM
On this subject Im just after listening to an interview with Michael Laudrup, And if you take this from a purely football purist point of view, We were very lucky to have such quality and calibre of Laudrup playing in our country, Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Gazza, Trevor Steven, Ray Wilkens were all world class players, And on the other side you had the likes of Larsson and Sutton, Probably never see the likes again in our Leagues,

06-09-2015, 04:14 PM
'Laudo laudo - why are you so good' XD XD

Jim White will never live that down... :D

06-09-2015, 04:41 PM
My personal memories are of May 1999. An outstanding display on Huddle Sunday at The P1ggery. Then a string of cracking saves on Treble Advocaat Saturday at Hampden.

Stefan Kols = Timslayer O:)

06-09-2015, 08:13 PM
Tim's launching off the North Stand.

- view external link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCiILF4UIgA)

06-09-2015, 08:20 PM
2nd May 1999, Yahoos foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs, pelting Rangers players everytime they took a corner, splitting the refs head open, drunken Yahoo falling from top tier,more yahoos attempting to enter the field of play, Mahe losing the plot and seeing red, Bears ripping them up for ********* paper for 90 mins, a day I will never forget.

06-09-2015, 08:49 PM
Great memories.

06-09-2015, 09:00 PM
Simply the best.

06-09-2015, 09:34 PM
Just like Third Lanark.

06-09-2015, 09:39 PM
It really is great to be a Bear just now.

07-09-2015, 02:44 AM
There's a good article about Brian Laudrup that I read earlier. But it's on the BBC website, so the bears won't get to read it, because of the bhoycott.

07-09-2015, 03:23 AM
It's Great.

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07-09-2015, 12:24 PM
'Rangers make history out of chaos'

The yahoo completely lost it on and off the park. B)

07-09-2015, 12:29 PM
Its good that ra bares still have memories of their dead club, gives them something to hang on to :D

07-09-2015, 12:32 PM
Plenty of Germans running about in Edinburgh city centre today.

I told a couple of them to slow down, easier to take the scenery in when you're walking, ken?