View Full Version : dissapointing night.

07-09-2015, 08:43 PM
republic of ireland winning v georgia. hoped they would screw this one up.

sadly not to be.

hopefully we can win our last 2 games and hope they get beat v poland and germany.

07-09-2015, 08:47 PM
Best we will get is 4 points last two games and lose third place on goal difference. I suspect Ireland will get one point in their last two games

07-09-2015, 08:52 PM
that offside goal ireland got in dublin could be the difference between us. be dissapointing to be screwed by yet another controversial incident going against us.

07-09-2015, 08:59 PM
no we've been screwed cos we are sh1te in games that matter ********* all to do wie irelands goal

07-09-2015, 09:03 PM
irelands goal in dublin was offside, thats a fact, and czech republics penalty at hampden in 2011 cost us a play off place, these are facts. we would have been good enough and deserved a play off, nothing we can do about a decision like that going against us. ofcourse at othertimes we havent been good enough.

07-09-2015, 09:05 PM
If we were good enough dodgy decisions wouldnt matter. Are you suggesting no other team gets dodgy decisions against them. Decisions are the resort of the desperate

07-09-2015, 09:11 PM
you shouldnt have to be good enough for decisions not to matter. every team is entitles to a fair crack refereeing wise. the fact is, if irelands goal v scotland had been chalked off as it should have been , we would have won 1-0 and therefore been good enough. i never said other teams dont get decisions, but scotland over the years have had some really bad ones which have on occasion cost us. we were done v the czech republic, so yes we were good enough to beat them 2-1, but the ref gave them a penalty to make it 2-2.

07-09-2015, 09:14 PM
Fuxake, reve complaining about referees. :O

Against ROI :O :O

07-09-2015, 09:16 PM
why shouldnt i complain about refs v republic of ireland.

07-09-2015, 11:02 PM
Ever the optimist............... Ireland's last two games are v Germany & Poland. Scotland's are Poland & Gibraltar.
I can see 6pts for Scotland in those games and 1 or 2 for Ireland. Gap is 4pts.
We have the better head to head so will go through if level.

08-09-2015, 10:45 AM
If we finish on the same points as Ireland,I'm sure it goes to head to head meeting between the two countries ?

08-09-2015, 02:57 PM
Yup, if two teams finish level then it's the head-to-head first.

Can't see Ireland getting more than 1 point (draw with Poland in Poland) from two remaining games - if even that. So a draw at home to Poland might be enough, and a win certainly would be. Gib will get cuffed!