View Full Version : Should Yvette Cooper demand another Labour leadership election?

13-09-2015, 12:13 PM
Apparently this is the kind of thing you can do if you lose a vote fairly and squarely.

13-09-2015, 12:25 PM
The Will of the people will decide if there is appetite for another referendum,and there is nothing greetin faced Bigot Bawbags like you can do about it,if the people decide there is an appetite for one. :D

13-09-2015, 04:03 PM
I've decided - there is :D

13-09-2015, 04:45 PM
I`d give her one .

14-09-2015, 11:54 AM
Only a Britnat belter like walloper could turn a hootfest at an English political party into an attack on Scotland's people, who are literallly dying to get away from his tory pals.

HMRC closed Rangers down, try and remember that, walloper