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24-12-2015, 12:47 AM
Here in Seattle, just over two years ago they started digging a 2 mile tunnel under the city for a 4 lane highway using 'Big Bertha' the world's largest tunnel boring machine (57' diameter). About 1/2 a mile in it broke down so what do you do to fix a boring machine that's bigger than the hole behind it due to the concrete rings being put in place to form the tunnel. Luckily it didn't break down under any buildings so they dug down and lifted the 1000 ton drilling head out to fix it. The repair took 2 years and today, around the time the tunnel was due to be completed, the drill spun into action again. So is it all steam ahead. Well no, they have now stopped again for two weeks because of the Christmas holidays!

Just thought I'd let you know that England is not alone in downing tools for the holidays, even when a project is massively behind schedule. Let's hope the aging and crumbling two tiered viaduct that currently carries traffic through Seattle doesn't collapse if an earthquak

24-12-2015, 08:03 AM
That's quite a coincidence Cam as we've one or two giant boring machines on here.

24-12-2015, 11:02 AM
Apparently Andrex are ditching that cute little puppy and are going for a much "harder" advert.

The tag line will be "have a break, have a quick crap"

24-12-2015, 04:08 PM
Many on here will remember the pleasure of wiping there arse on Zilzal. Or was it Izal?

26-12-2015, 02:23 AM
I dont think hes seen this, otherwise hed be at it...maybe hes read all his books or his candles have burnt out...

26-12-2015, 02:30 AM
He's probably writing his prediction for tomorrow's game which as usual will be spot on and posted around 5 o'clock.

PS What you doing on here in the middle of the night. You missed Father Christmas, he came last night XD