View Full Version : A gesture of reconciliation

25-12-2015, 09:39 AM
As a gesture of reconciliation at this special time I would like on behalf of the thousands of ardent but fair-minded Millers fans to offer the hand of friendship to all those referees and assistant referees who over the past twelve months have graced our beautiful stadium.
At this festive time let us put out of our minds the numerous occasions on which your total and utter incompetence has caused us to drop at least one and sometimes three points during a match. Let us not dwell upon the blatant penalties you have missed, the gratuitous and totally undeserved bookings you have heaped upon the innocent Smallwood, the wrongly called fouls, throw-ins, corners and goal kicks, your failure to keep up with play, your failure to punish the time-wasters, divers and injury feigners who comprise our opponents, your fatness, your baldness, your lack of a sense of humour and your general tw8ttishness.

On this day we forgive you all your sins.

Boxing Day, however, is another matter.


25-12-2015, 02:24 PM
Nothing will change????????