View Full Version : That bad?

30-12-2015, 01:13 PM
Stats say we were reasonably even so how bad did we play?

Possession Fulham 55% Millers 45%
Shots 16 - 22
On target 8 - 8
Corners 4 - 8

Surely that many shots and corners shows we are improving, or does it?

30-12-2015, 02:39 PM
Looking at the Millers stats
Possession - ok for an away team
22 shots- very good, especially for an away team
8 on target -quite good
8 corners - good
BUT only one goal - poor finishing, failure to cash in

With current team and tactics our games can suddenly see-saw...
For example. we scored second goal against Bolton, and the game suddenly swung in our favour., but last night, having failed to score second goal, during a period when we were well ahead of Fulham on possession, shots and corners, the game dramatically swung the other way.
We are still too wasteful in front of goal, and in games against Leeds, and Hull the opposition missed a load of sitters...the scorelines from those games flattered our defence and could have easily given similar results to last night - though thankfully that is not what happened