View Full Version : 2015. hit and miss. on the fence.

02-01-2016, 12:13 PM
2015 again saw several players coming and going.
here is a list of players who i think are hits. some misses and one or two im on the fence...
sad thing about the list, only 2 of the hits are our players.

Jack Hunt
Daniel Lafferty
Farrend Rawson
Damien Martinez
Joe Newell
Lee Camp
Grant Ward
vadis ofoe.
luke hyam.

Jack Barmby
Adam Hamill
Connor Sammon
Zeki Fryers
Lawrie Wilson
Lewis Buxton.
Danny Collins
Greg Halford
Chris Maguire
Kelle Rooz

Danny ward (hit if he keeps fit. sadly we never know if hes playing or injured)
Aidan White (not a massive fan though only seen him in a poor team)
Joe Mattock (good but injury prone. keep fit and he will be decent)
Tom Thorpe ( not looked great buthe needs to get stuck into training and work hard)
Leon Best (hmmm not much to say)
Stephen Kelly (played well in the 120 minutes. jury out)
Simon Lenighan (who)
Tont Andreu. (quick feet but no pace, would like to se

02-01-2016, 09:10 PM
5. hit and miss. Yes that's pretty much it.