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08-01-2016, 12:06 PM
Now as i understood the situation at the NYS we have employed Redfearn as a manager who passionately believes in developing youth from within and as we are a poor team from a financial perspective i fully understand that - crack on !
However,if we sign Becchio and or Revell both at 30 somethng ,plus Best we surely are moving rapidly away from that strategy.Hopefully of course this could be a short term plan but how many times have we seen teams in our predicament ,eg Donny Rovers sign "mature has beens" to try to get them out of the relegation zone.It didnt work for Donny and has rarely worked elsewhere.
Lets start a petition to sign Chris Sedgwick ......on second thoughts not a bad idea....he's got more energy and would put more effort in that that dumpling JCH !!!

08-01-2016, 12:48 PM
I don't see how the ideas conflict. You need experienced players to teach the youngsters ring craft.

Plus which is the best car, best golf course and the most spectacular tattoos.