View Full Version : O/T A Beautiful Mind

10-01-2016, 02:17 AM
Well not quite but it's strange how the human mind works. Aimlessly watching TV an advert came on that featured some kids racing go-carts. That reminded me that the only time I'd ever driven a go-cart was one summer holiday in Dawlish Warren, Devon. I remembered that was the same day that an ashes test match at Headingly was abandoned because the wicket had been ruined by 'Free George Davis' protesters - yes I remembered his. On looking this up I discovered it was August 19th 1975 and he was indeed eventually freed claiming mistaken identity in a robbery but eventually returned to prison for 15 and 18 year stretches for other robberies.

A couple of interesting facts about that abandonment. The reports claim that the loss of gate receipts and scorecard sales for that one day sell out crowd cost a whopping 8,000 pounds :-) They also considered fitting in an extra test after the final one at The Oval but were unable to do so because all the Australian players had full time jobs th