View Full Version : Players to leave the club if we are relegated

06-02-2016, 06:06 PM
My quess is

1. Redmond (he isnt player regulary and he want to stay in the leage)
2. Rudy (Rud is younger and have to play next season)
3. Whittaker (Pinto and R.Martin is bether)
4. Lafferty (Not playing)
5. Olsson (Not playing and want a top european leage)
6. Tettey (Dont want to play in the championship)
7. Brady (Left Hull, whay will he stay here?)

Not sure aboute
8. Wolfswinkel (He is on good money, so not sure he wants to leave)
9. Naismith (probably have a clausule if we go down)
10. Andreu. (if he is not on good money.)
11.Klause (probably have a clsusule if we go down)

What are your thoughts ?