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02-03-2016, 12:46 AM
I have been a football lover for over 60 years and had more discussions about football than I care to remember.Many reasons have been talked about on how to avoid relegation battles,or how to be involved in top of the league positions.It has been clear to me over the years that most people agree one has to make their home ground a fortress where visitors have to fight ,or play very well to even get a point.WHY is our home record the worst in the league.Are we scared off losing.Can we not get to grips with our plastic pitch.Is it more important to have a pitch making money(community sharing etc) than one we can play on,or have we got a fear when playing at home.Why do teams talk about not liking,or fearing playing on our plastic pitch,then come and thrash us at home.We have been nearly relegated quite a few times over the years but SHOWN ENOUGH SPIRIT TO SURVIVE. Unless things change very dramatically over the next few weeks we are going down,with no real prospect off coming back quickl

02-03-2016, 03:25 PM
[color=blue]Hit the nail on the head Speedy. :star:

Been a Killie fan all my life and these last few years have caused us, a sincere and unnecessary amount of suffering and embarrassment. Simple due to our teams incapability to score goals, win games and show a high standard of defending attacks from the opposition.:blue: Some teams are criticising our pitch which is only a temporary diversion from the real issues! Recent performances like what our team have given, really put die-hards like us off the game and as a result, we see a decline in attendance at the all important home games. :(

You often have to wonder what the blazes needs to be done in order, to produce results similar to back in the Paatelainen era and better times gone by. :s It's truly embarrassing the state we're in, we have had better players and better defences - it's utterly soul destroying knowing that season after season, we're fighting the drop. This is not what Ayrshire's Finest should be doing, whic