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11-06-2016, 04:10 PM
ENGLAND - are they worth having 600 to win at 5/6?

KEMPO - don't forget CARAVAGGIO in the Coventry Stakes at Royal Ascot.

CRETINS - biggest one of all? ME. But I did manage to log iun the first time I tried. Sign of improvement on my part?
No. I still don't know one end of a computer from another.

P.S. Hate this new site. It's cold and too formal. Lacks the intimacy and togetherness of the last one.

11-06-2016, 05:33 PM
It's your money to do what you like with but I wouldn't even risk a tenner on England and have 50 years of hurt to back up my decision.

Never mind Coventry what about The Belmont Stakes today - who's your pick for that?

I thought Cretins was a reference to the England 'fans' who seem to be getting more press here than the actual game. Still, I guess it's not their fault and they are being provoked.

Change is hard to take at your age - especially where computers are concerned ;D

11-06-2016, 05:42 PM
Zil problem with England is management team led by Roy boy. If that's side he's putting out that's in the sun today I question it. Sooner have Clyne than Walker, he's better on the ball. Never play Smalling & Cahill together. Stones for Cahill. Lallana & Sterling they never finish off what they've started. No Vardy he's got that passion.

Royal Ascot don't follow the flat but The Gurkha Prince of Wales stakes 4-20 tues one to beat.

12-06-2016, 10:11 AM
Today French Grade 1 Hurdle known here as French Champion Hurdle

Auteuil 4-05 Blue Dragon trainer sounds bullish.

Don't know the form race is over 3m 1f Un De Seaux is the fav Blue Dragon can get 2-1 3 yrs younger horse worth a look.

These are easier races to have a chance of finding winner than on the flat.

14-06-2016, 02:06 PM
Tipped Caravaggio nearly 2 weeks ago 18 runners and unexpectedly soft ground... big worry but I''m going in head down and the same with The Gurkha in the 4.20. Good luck to everyone involved.

14-06-2016, 02:40 PM
GWRU the reference to England was intended to generate a discussion, however modest. I clearly failed.

I wouldn't back England to beat anybody at any time and much prefer playing footie on Wednesday evenings, outdoors 6 or 7 aside all year round on artificial grass. England are guaranteed to be """" on every occasion but I decided to give them one last chance against Russia.

So bored with yet another timid and uninspired performance that I switched the TV off after about 63 minutes.

14-06-2016, 02:50 PM
GWRU, and the missing Kempo. I posted on here ages ago to the effect that CARAVAGGIO was the banker of the meeting and to go in with serious intent.

I had 1,000 on at 7-4 and never a worry. Hope I've helped others get some extra cash in their pockets.

14-06-2016, 04:30 PM
Zil brave hope you weren't on The Gurkha.

England look at Italy got a manager whose up to speed with football today. Italy have always been defensive but yesterday made more chances than I've ever seen them make.

England what have Hodgson, Lewington & G Neville ever achieved as managers/coaches.

14-06-2016, 04:58 PM
Zil, K has started to ingratiate himself back in his old Bantu stamping ground. Don't know if it was because his new pet parrot, Jolly, moved over there or if Cam put the fear of God in him when he said the new system on here would make life hard for multis.

14-06-2016, 05:57 PM
Yep, the man with no shame is on there as I type. The deluded are singing "Kempo's coming home, he's coming home. Y-fronts on his head but he never stopped deceiving. Kempo's coming home, he's coming." Exeter and the boys will be falling over the backstabbing barsteward. Then, when he decides he's not getting the attention he deserves he'll be back here and Brin, Cam and Frog will welcome back the prodigal son. Sheeesh!

14-06-2016, 06:43 PM
A big thanks for that one zilzal.

I had no idea what was running until I saw your post so had a look and stuck 150 on at 2/1.

Just seen it on record as I've been busy banking my spread bets today.

300 that I wouldn't have without your expert view so thanks for that...Not in your horse betting league but a couple of decent meals out with Mrs K.

Well done on your substantial win...Try and keep it for a time.

Look forward to your posts...such a change from seeing such pathetic posts from monty and the usual suspects.

Keep the advice coming as I always have a good look at your racing stuff and more often than not get a bet on.

14-06-2016, 06:50 PM
Remember that song I've been talking to myself. Make your mind up was it 1,000 or 150 bet placed.

14-06-2016, 09:07 PM
GWRU not interested in The Gurkha at 4-5, who would be? Took 10-11 on Caravaggio last time out at the Curragh. He won comfortably and looked to have plenty in the locker, hence hoping to put others on here onto the week's best Royal Ascot runner.

Agree about Italy, refreshing to see them attacking adventurously for the first time since...well for the first time.
Belgium have a lot of good players but they don't work as a team. If they did they'd get to the semis at least.

Turned the England match off after 63 minutes. They lack drive, spirit, skill and the desire to be anything but ultra cautious. I'm going to give them one more chance to alter their set ways but fear it's a hopeless cause.

Hodgson should not be managing anyone let also an international team. My vote would go to Koeman whom I've long admired.

Where's Kempo and his golden racing and footie tips and prophecies? And also IBS? Is he all fanned out at such an early age?

14-06-2016, 09:21 PM
Kempo, when's your next cruise and where are you going to?

My advice is to stay well away from the roulette table as the bet we were talking about is nothing more than an urban and urbane myth. 25Red and then it's sure to hit 28 or 29 black or any number between 25 and 36 at 2-1? In reality it's utter tosh. Since we spoke I tried it 18 times and the highest number it ever hit was 15. Mainly it goes into the first 12 numbers and the urge to break chairs over people's heads as a result is immensely difficult to resist. Though I bet your inamorata Mrs K would win the cash first time around.

14-06-2016, 10:01 PM
Off to the Med in September and 12 days in the Caribbean via Fort Lauderdale in December...must get my ESTA...

Always hit 29 with splits and corners all round....Never comes up except when the croupier says hang on until after this spin and you can buy more chips or as I just reach the exit hoping to get out before I hear those immortal words '29 black' I'm sure deliberately being shouted loudly by the young lady in black who has been leaning over the table provocatively in a deliberate and successful attempt to distract me before she spins the ball into zero, 7 or 18

16-06-2016, 08:00 AM
Monty....don't drag my name into your debate about Kempo..... It's obvious you two hate each other so just get on with it ..... Kempo is as irritating as you let him be...he's obviously got under your skin

16-06-2016, 07:41 PM
Kempo, these are freaky times. If you'd been at my right hand shoulder late last night operating my laptop, you would have been set fair, NOT to pay for a cruise but to buy your very own cruise ship. The ball dropped into Black 29 and Black 28 over and over again. It was truly abnormal. I don't know what your usual stake is at roulette but even if it's only a tenner you would have won many thousands.

My luck was out with the washing. Only once did it hit 32RED so what did I do? I went low on the next spin and sure enough the ball dropped into Black33. I had a disastrous session and lost a fortune.

Just two bets today, one from a weather-ruined Royal Ascot and to please GWRU, one on a hurdle race at LLOS FAS. Both won. The Ribblesdale Stakes has always been kind to me and was so again. Took 5-2 on Even Song and it romped in. On Wednesday I had two fancies and to my amazement both won, both unbacked. Nearly two weeks ago I had a nice win at the Curragh on Portage. At Royal Ascot it won at 10-1 on completely different going and in a field of 28 runners. C'est la vie. Earlier I strongly fancied the Andre Fabre trained, Mikael Barzalona ridden...why did it have to rain so b..loody much.

No doubt Wimbledon will be sunny and bright. I hate tennis.

16-06-2016, 11:15 PM
Thanks for mentioning my name in dispatches. Lv horseracing didn't see a race today. England Rooney & the boys take centre stage.

17-06-2016, 07:19 AM
Sooner have Clyne than Walker, he's better on the ball.

Oh dear, best player on pitch yesterday :D

Even though he is a Dee Dar.

But so am I, two Dee Dars playing for England in a tournament yesterday, that can't have happened for a while, if ever.