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The Bedlington Terrier
30-06-2016, 11:06 AM
Having lead the Brexit campaign he now falls on his sword and won't stand for the role of Prime Minister. Wow!

30-06-2016, 11:24 AM
Not got the bottle to actually follow it through and take us out of the EU, Cameron played a masterstroke resigning when he did as he has made the position pretty much untenable.

The Bedlington Terrier
30-06-2016, 11:27 AM
The machiavellian nature of politics is really pretty alarming to watch! :mad:

30-06-2016, 11:48 AM
Wasn't it the remainers that accused him constantly of just wanting to leave the EU because he wanted the job at number 10, did he actually ever say that he wanted it?
Either way, good news, he wouldn't be the right face of Britain and he probably knows that.

30-06-2016, 01:37 PM
That's exactly what I thought when I heard the news bpg

30-06-2016, 10:15 PM
Sounds more like Gove undermined him by announcing he was standing so Boris decided to leave him to it. I doubt Boris had any clue what to do about Europe and would have split the Tories. Interesting and worrying times.but the FTSE is now back above its value before the vote. Maybe the market believes Brexit won't happen!,

30-06-2016, 10:30 PM
Good on you Boris,the right decision and I respect it.. You will go down in history for getting us out of the European stranglehold over our glorious country.. Probably the best thing you ever did ..

30-06-2016, 10:56 PM
Good on you Boris,the right decision and I respect it.. You will go down in history for getting us out of the European stranglehold over our glorious country.. Probably the best thing you ever did ..

" Probably the best thing you ever did " In my eyes the ONLY thing he has ever done correctly alf, he's an imbecile of the highest order, some folk give him a lot of credit for what he has achieved in his career, I know I'm a very staunch anti Political person but Doris was and is a clown, so that's our entertainer this side of the pond gone, now just the other clown on the other side of the pond to get rid of, only downside to that is Hilary Clinton sitting on the high chair.

30-06-2016, 11:12 PM
No imbecile, plays the part well but a clever man. Out was his mantra but leader never was.

People add loads to this likewise to Corbyn who is a great labour leader.

Time will tell.

01-07-2016, 12:15 AM
Have to disagree gogo.

"No imbecile, plays the part well but a clever man"

He's a clever man in lining his own pockets and trying to advance in his political career at any cost.

His role of Mayor of London was a total Joke, especially his role in Transport For London as he knew next to nothing about the industry (which I do) I attended a Transport rally at the Guild Hall in London where Doris was head speaker, he know nothing, making statements which was totally wrong, having to check with his advisors many times and walking off the stage twice to get advice about simple questions, indeed he was laughed off the stage.

His promises of not increasing fares was lies as only weeks later he increased them.

His promises of not sacking ticket office staff was lies as he closed many.

His Doris bus' are again one of his egotistical waste as they should not be on the road and all have to be recalled for many different defects.

His idea of completely demolishing Heathrow and building Doris Island at a total cost of at least 150 Million was laughable.

His total waste of money (other peoples) in all area's is obscene.

His half baked idea of cutting London's road's even more to a standstill with cycle lane's is not worth a jot.

His jaunt to China for investment was a PR stunt which gained nothing.

And finally his pledge to NOT enter Politics if he was re elected as Mayer again was a lie and IMO Fraudulent.

His personal life reflects his career like a mirror, he's got a love child running around London somewhere, had at least 3 extra marital affairs, which shows he has no morals.

He gets away with many Phuck ups because he plays on being the joker, something many folk get taken in with and which is why he is liked but deep down he's hot air with little substance.

If you can tell me what he has done to improve things I'd be happy to know gogo.

As oldcolner has said above, with Gove stepping up to the plate its taken many Doris voters off of him, so that's why he has stepped down, and I bet he's very p!ssed off with the decision he had to make.

The Bedlington Terrier
01-07-2016, 04:34 AM
I had not been previously aware of just how high the esteem you held for Boris, Altobelli. O:)

01-07-2016, 10:01 AM
I think it is a well known fact on here now that I have no time for politicians, for the simple fact most have not got time for the good people of this Country as they are too busy feathering their own nests.
They call themselves Public Servants, which indeed is what they are, or should I say used to be in time long ago, now they pontificate about working class folk like they know them inside out, nothing could be further from the truth as most have no experience of common life in their own Country, a lot are born with a silver spoon in their mouths, attend Oxford, Cambridge, Eton or some other establishment which IMO gives them little input into normal life.

I did some research a couple of years ago about a lot of Tories in Government and only 1 out of 60 had any credentials for the job (I use the word job laughingly) they had in the Cabinet.
Politics is a subject that has caused debate and arguments for many a year and will continue as it always seems to get worse, this Tory Government IMO is dragging us deeper into the shoite and have taken the biscuit, in the first year of their tenure they did as many u turns as days in the year, they fiddle jobless figures with zero hour contracts, they fiddle NHS waiting times with tricks and lies (Wife works in the industry), they have sold off British assets for a quick buck at the same time making money for themselves and big business, they would rather p!ss 50 Billion + on a train set instead of investing in Housing and Jobs, the China jaunt for investment by Osborne and Johnson was investment for the wealthy not for the benefit of the majority, the total lack of decency for the working man as he's mugged for more and more money for the Government to P!ss away, and the total disregard for the disabled who were and still are treated with disdain and disrespect, The boss of Mid Staffordshire hospital who should have been held accountable for hundreds of unnecessary deaths was not brought to book, instead was praised and given the job of boss of the entire NHS FFS ! The man who was imprisoned for fraud come's straight out and is given a job in the Government because he's a friend of Cameron's, cutbacks of Hospitals, Library's, Police stations, Ambulance stations, Fire stations, Military and all the staff gone, certain contract's given to other Countries not just the EU, our Steel Industry falling as an example, Cameron's shameful lies about inheritance and tax dodging (don't get me wrong other parties do it, Tony Benn to name one), I pass through Croydon about 6 times a day, I see massive office blocks totally empty, one had a face lift last year, its looks magnificent but still remains empty, while Lunar House the immigration office is always queued outside all day every day, TEC was correct in a thread a while ago saying no investment in the North while the South have plenty of investment seen by all by cranes stretching into the sky whichever way you look on the outskirts of London as well as Central, they give the North next to nothing, it seems like a different Country to them, Oh sorry they will have a shiny fast train soon, Teresa May cannot man our borders with enough staff let alone run our Country, and finally (thank god I hear most of you say) if Cameron believed leaving the EU was going to be so detrimental to us why did he agree to a referendum ? He did not have to, but because he felt he was going to lose some seats he agreed, not to benefit our/his Country at all, but to advance his political status which has totally backfired, he has not been fit for purpose by a long chalk, along with the others in his merry band, that is why I find 59-60's opinions on Government so fascinating that I would still love to meet him and discuss the issues.

All of the above is just off the top of my head as there is much more.

I am very passionate about politics even though I know very little about it, but I know what is right and I like to play fair and expect everyone to be the same.

Whatever Labour did in their tenure to mess up our Country (and they did their worse) The Tories have not addressed it one jot.

I voted out of the EU saying it would work as long as someone with bollox took the helm, I could not see anyone at the time with those credentials and now with both the Cons and Labour fragmenting I don't have any confidence at all in anyone who is standing, it does not matter to me as I'm in the winter of my life, but for my children and my Grandchildren it means more trouble and strife for them.

Also the debate about Brexit was a joke, we was not told the truth about ANYTHING if we left the EU, instead we the public were treated like 7 year olds in a classroom, AS WE GENERALLY ARE IN MOST MATTERS,.

I have said on other threads many times that Britain is one of the worlds most corrupt Countries, I have been shot down by many on here but still believe it to be so, we the public have always been used as cannon fodder for hundreds of years by Governments, nothing has changed, except now they are treating us like idiots by bare faced lie's, cheating fraudulently time and time again all the while making sure their own nests and their wealthy comrades are well maintained, while the majority of us smile and swallow it like chocolate time after time after time.

I know it was tongue in cheek TEC, but I don't hold many MP's in high esteem at all, I have more esteem for common criminals who need to turn to crime to put food into their mouths rather than well heeled mouths in suits who should know better, Boris Johnson is a buffoon of the highest order, always has been and always will be.

The Bedlington Terrier
01-07-2016, 12:00 PM
Well said Sir Altobelli! :D

The Bedlington Terrier
01-07-2016, 12:04 PM
This morning at 7.30am we stood and remembered just how badly the "ruling class" thinks of us lesser mortals. Cannon fodder indeed. I was born in Accrington and today has enormous significance for the town. I cannot possibly imagine how anyone is daft enough to be a Tory.

01-07-2016, 02:29 PM
This morning at 7.30am we stood and remembered just how badly the "ruling class" thinks of us lesser mortals. Cannon fodder indeed. I was born in Accrington and today has enormous significance for the town. I cannot possibly imagine how anyone is daft enough to be a Tory.

I was listening to that ont wireless this morning TEC, well I was until it started to upset me, apparently 8 soldiers died every second, absolutely dire.

The Bedlington Terrier
01-07-2016, 03:56 PM
Madness beyond imagination.

01-07-2016, 07:30 PM
Some of them "went over the top " twice.. How horrendous it must that have been for them knowing what was coming after going over and surviving the first time ..R.I.P. to all who died at the Somme including my Grandad whom I never saw ..