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31-01-2017, 09:38 PM
Proud of the lads.

Thought we did ok until they started scoring...If it wasn't for that the game could have been different.

The lads did everything I asked of them and I cannot ask for anymore.

Asked about Ward...We were offered 2 million but those rumours of 40 per cent sell on put out by the fool Kempo are rubbish...It's actually 50 per cent and that's a world record so I'm pleased Paul negotiated that one.

Huddersfield want half therefore we want double his worth so we can halve it and get back to his worth and cash in.

That's simple maths and I don't know why QPR don't understand that.

On deadline transfers...I tried to get a few lads in but they were not interested in the finances and preferred to stay in the lower leagues and be paid more money.....Maybe salted nuts are not that popular these days.

We just missed out on a few..it's hard...everyone else can sign decent players but I'm a press ups man, club joker,TV reviewer and general nice guy and know nothing about managing at any level although I did help out at a local school.

I don't want the job but have been told neither does anyone else so I will have to stay and the 16 year old ginger lad will do the a advanced coaching to prepare for next year and we are off to Poland again.

We are not giving up and we just need to stop teams from scoring..It's unfair really.

No complaints..the lads did well and I'm still laughing and joking as are the opposition.

31-01-2017, 09:52 PM
mr stewart and mr douglas should open a joke shop in rotherham and appoint warney as manager.

01-02-2017, 12:12 AM
Kempo you think yr clever but basically do you know anything that matters.

It's been a terrible season, TS will know that. We'll be at our budget limit for this season. Hope he's saved abit back for next season we'll need it. How can we pay championship wages after this season. Hope it's in the players contracts yr on league 1 wages next season.

Transfer window apart from not getting a right back in what more could you expect. Says could be a defender in when he's released by his club.

TS will do things the right way, we'll be back.