View Full Version : Mobile phones, iphones and ipads - adverts.

The Bedlington Terrier
09-03-2017, 11:08 AM
I have been made aware that some users are still having difficulties accessing the board on mobile devices.

While the software uses code to detect mobile browsing and automatically switches to the mobile version of the boards, there are some cases in which this doesnít happen. (Please see screenshot1 in the admin announcements which clearly shows the difference between the two templates)

To ensure any visitors arenít stuck with the desktop version of the boards, we have added a Mobile tab to the top navigation that will return them to the mobile version. (Please see screenshot2 in the admin announcement).

If you are using the boards via mobile and seeing the desktop version then please switch back to mobile view for a much better user experience and to ensure you avoid any issues with ads that are not supposed to be targeted to our mobile phone users.

Admin have posted an announcement on the boards to explain this, but I am simply reinforcing the message and will add a sticky on Clarets Mad to clarify the ease of what is virtually unsolicited ad free usage.

I have been liaising with Footymad to try and address this problem once and for all. I think we are there at last!