View Full Version : Keifer: this could work out fine...

10-12-2017, 04:55 PM
I think the 3 match suspension could help us keep him a bit longer. He's obviously not scoring goals at the moment and might not even score for us again. This could very well affect his value for a start. Also his non scoring/ availability has also taken him a bit off the radar I reckon, I know its risky, that we should put him on the subs bench his last couple of games and play down his ability. Maybe then Ipswich might think his bubble has burst or at least they still haven't sufficient evidence in his ability to call him back. Plus it might be worth warney to play up the lack of professionalism on kiefers part for getting sent off ie hes a bit of a bad egg.

Hey presto, Kiefer stays and we get on the bandwagon again...the old straws being clutched eh?

In fact, if I was a conspiricist, maybe Kiefer was told to get himself sent off..

The other thing is for someone to knacker him in training for about 6 weeks to see us over the transfer deadline period. ( No more than that though!) .Maybe thats pushing it a bit too far eh? ;D

10-12-2017, 04:59 PM
He can feck off we don’t need him if his fee is above 80k