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14-04-2018, 01:42 PM
Looking at article relating to division 1 & television payments for this season.

Division 1 - each team receives a basic award of 732,000 & a solidarity payment of 675,000 this season,
so thats 1,407,000 per club.
In addition league 1 clubs get 30,000 hosting a sky live game, & a fixed 10,000 for the away team. [ 40,000 total ]
But not many games make the live TV.

In comparison championship clubs each receive a basic 2.3m plus 4.5m solidarity payments, so 6.8m per club,
these are from the trickle down agreement with the premier league.
Championship clubs receive decent Sky sports live match fees also, 100,000 for Friday night / Saturday games,
120,000 for a Sunday game, 140,000 for ? [ says Thursday, proberly means Monday ].

Always remember old system where each team got money on their performance in how they ended up in the league table, at the end of the season.

14-04-2018, 02:58 PM
Intersting Eric, thanks for the info. The prem teams are rewarded by where they finish int league

14-04-2018, 05:50 PM
Intersting Eric, thanks for the info. The prem teams are rewarded by where they finish int league

That's true to some extent but a lot of the money is shared out equally.
TV dosh is divided as follows:

Domestic TV money (est 1.8 billion)
50% is divided equally
25% is divided on the basis of merit (est 2 million for bottom club rising by 2 million for every position higher up to 40 million for Champions)
25% shared on basis of live tv appearances (1.23 million per live game but guaranteed minimum of 12.3 million even if less than 10 games)

Overseas money (est 1 Billion)

divided equally regardless of league position.

So, although there is a merit factor, Man United will get more than Man City this season because of featuring in more live games.

Man Utd are predicted to get 159 million but even if West Brom had lost every game this season and never been on telly they would still pocket 100 million.

No wonder clubs are prepared to fiddle the fair play rules to get to, or stay in, the prem.