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02-10-2018, 01:30 PM
PW on Proctor and Vassell | "Vass looks very close, I'm hopeful he could be involved at the weekend. Procs will hopefully be back on the grass with the squad just after the intl break. Robbo will be back out after the Birmingham game."

PW on loan rules | "People might not realise but we can only bring players out in the league back in the windows. Even JJ at Chesterfield we'd have to wait until 28 days had passed before we could think about bringing him back."

PW on defensive options | "We're down to one and a half but we've only got two games to get through and Will can do us a job there. It's not a drama, it's a pain because you want your full team fit. The Physio room was pretty full when I went in earlier!"

PW on Wood | "I think we have a few that will play through the pain barrier. At the moment we do need people out there even if they're only 80% fit."

PW on Wood | "When he first came off he felt a massive shot of pain. He's been excellent and he's looked after himself very well. We didn't want to risk him by him playing on."

PW on Wood | "He has a chance. He didn't train yesterday but we're hopeful he will today. As important as every game is, it's not as important as the 10 after."

PW on Smith | "He was a free signing from Bury's reserves so to speak. He's done brilliantly. I probably shout at him more than anyone because he has to make it difficult for them up top. Playing up front for me is a very difficult job."

PW on Smith | "When I came in on Friday the physios pulled me and told me he was worse injury-wise than he was Thursday. He came back from a scan and there was no long-term damage, so he was okay so to speak. They play when they're not 100% at times and we appreciate that."

PW on Williams | "It is genetic to a certain extent, he looks after himself but I think its mental. He has a desire to work hard for the team every time he's out there. I think the goal against Forest haunted him all week and he was desperate to put it right."

PW on Williams | "He's in really good shape at the moment. He won the penalty and the corner that we scored from. I'm really hopeful for him that he gets a call-up for the Australia squad. We ask everyone to give everything but maybe Willo has more to give."

PW on players' condition | "There's a few knocks and bruises and a couple of injury issues but we need to get through these couple of games to the international break."

Sounds as if we can get through these 2 games we might be cooking on gas again (ish).

So how will we line up tomoz?

Reading between the lines think it will be Vaulks for Wood. Wood on bench. Palmer in place of Vaulks. Not mentioned Towell so assuming he will be ok. Smith not further knacked presumably so he might be ok. Wonder if Warne might start with Taylor on left as newell still looks knacked.

..and 3 points in the bag! Ho, ho, ho!

02-10-2018, 03:18 PM
Thanks for that Roly

02-10-2018, 06:20 PM
Wood to start so panic over in the back line.

The new injury? Towell? I feel it’s Newell though as he certainly didn’t look 100% last game. Taylor to start though doesn’t impress me as he doesn’t get involved and track back enough, get him to do that and we may have a fighting chance if he starts to bring that into his game.

02-10-2018, 07:44 PM
Be nice if Taylor did but sadly he's not a smart footballer. He works his Ballz off every game but it's his legs are doing all the work whilst his brain is catching fly's

02-10-2018, 07:45 PM
Sad but true, a great little trier with the odd amazing goal but many flaws.

02-10-2018, 10:44 PM
Sad but true, a great little trier with the odd amazing goal but many flaws.

Yep, great goal from him at Portsmouth last season, but we need more than a "once a year" performance at this level