View Full Version : so we are on a winning streak .

15-11-2018, 05:57 PM
the match going fans are doing really well in getting behind the lads

the atmosphere the last two games has been great

so will the boycott go ahead

will the few hundred (at most )stand outside the club shop shout for ash out

what will people see as a succesfull boycott

40 k
35 k
50 k

i witnessed and heard a few ashly out shouters get shouted down in the ground

proper fans were asking them what the alternative was

will the ashly out lot postpone the boycott to save face
or is it still on

what will it achieve
what do the boycotters think they will achieve

15-11-2018, 06:37 PM
It's a fair question...and put fairly, too.

The boycott will-and should go ahead. Folk aren't doing it because we're **** (exactly how **** we are is for a different thread) but because of the reasons we're ****.

I'm not going because, as someone who wants Ashley out, I think a boycott would work if it was sustained and large enough. The problem is, I don't think this boycott will work.I reckon that if all the people who thought it would work actually did stop attending then it would amount to a large portion of the crowd, probably enough to make the ground-and therefore the SD advertising around it-look crap and maybe it would generate enough negative publicity (the old adage about there being no such thing as bad publicity is just *******s) to make him give up and sell.

The irony is that a lot of people who think a boycott won't work because not enough fans will join in. won't join in because of that. And that's why, for this one game, I am boycotting. Surely it's worth missing one game to see if there's a big enough collective will. It's a bit like the general election-if everyone actually voted for who they wanted rather than say 'there's no point, he/she/they will never get in, then you'd see a much truer reflection of the public will. Maybe he/she/they actually would get in if everyone who wanted them to be elected actually voted.

Like I say, though, I don't think enough will believe it will work to take part in the boycott so i suspect it'll be seen as a failure.

As for fans being shouted down, I saw and heard it too and they are the worst sort of ****ing morons. I turned to look at the ones singing 'get out of our club you boycotting *******s' and they were all snarling and gesturing with their faces screwed up with hate and anger...directed against fans who want the same thing as they do...success and the best for our club, only with a different view on how to do it. But, no-these were the sort of fans who think they and only they are right and how dare anyone go against them, no-one's allowed to disagree. Pathetic

15-11-2018, 06:49 PM
people are sick of their own wanting to do harm to the team we all want to see win and do well

im glad they got shouted down and that it is all over the ground

probabaly day trekkers thinking everything they see on a forum is what everyone thinks

havent the brains to see what damage it will have
when numpties say we need to play rafas way so we dont go down on goal differance are probabaly the same numpties who will upset the wolves game and we could either loose or drop points
that works ??

so zippy
what would you say is a succesfull boycott 30 -40 k

me anything undwer 38 k

and i think they may have some credit
amythink over 42 and to me they have failed miserably

madness are on that night so im going to be leaving straight away

im sure many willl walk if we are loosing with 10 minutes to go

15-11-2018, 06:59 PM
Unfortunately, for a boycott to be 'successful' I think it would have to be a crowd under 30 k.

Not happening, I know.

And we both know it's not daytrippers.

As for damaging the club, it's a drop in the ocean compared with what Ashley has done and is doing to us.

15-11-2018, 07:14 PM
ash isnt doing his job
doesnt mean we shouldnt do ours

they dont have an alternative zippy

thats what the majority are saying

if there were buyers lurking and not just stories trying to flush out a buyer i could understand it
but there isnt
and wont be
untill two things

the club looks settled
and a manager or the manager signs long term

i appreciate theyusually bring in their own man

but buying us the way things are at present i would see a new owner being scared away
2- 3 years down the line the team not doing well
not as much money as they thought they had or more than they thought was needed and the bed sheets will come out again

the only way it will work if its one of their own that buy it

a geordie consortium

but we have had everyone but the geordies coming up with a credible buy out