View Full Version : Can Some One Please Explain This !

29-01-2014, 11:08 PM
DF said that the new striker that we have just got on loan from Boro when he was tracking him at Everton he was a great admirer of the player
especially from his Everton days.

The Bolton news prints this quote as one of the things we should know about the striker we have just signed !

The young striker thought he had landed a dream move to Everton in May 2007 but his spell at Goodison Park proved a frustrating one, with just one substitute appearance in the Premier League, against Sunderland, at Christmas 2008.

How can DF be an admirer of the new striker with his spell he had at Everton ?

Who is Bu ll sh itting who here ?

I find the whole thing at Bolton very Bizare

Has Gartside been teaching DF how to tell lies

and get found out !

I feel very disappointed about this !