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Attention Aston Villa fans
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Posted Monday 1st Apr 2013 13:01

re: New Story

Freer's fave, peach schnapps and lemonade. By the time the storm hit, the Villamad gang were all as drunk as skunks, so barely noticed they were all soaked to the skin. All, except that is, except Cheetah who, being tea total, was amused by how each poster behaved when drunk. Lefty was soppily declaring his ...

Edited Tuesday 21st Jul 2015 11:33
Posted Monday 1st Apr 2013 17:10

re: New Story

Love for Lukazade and always wished he was Daily Thompson. He then asked everyone if they would like to buy a Daily Thompson sick on mustache. Freer stood up and said "i will have 12 of them" and started sticking them on his head to cover the bald spots.
Within minutes freer had a head of hair that looked almost as real as Waine Rooneys. Freer then pulled down his pants and asked everyone if they liked his new knickers. Lefty replied...

Posted Monday 1st Apr 2013 20:05

re: New Story

'Oooooh, Freer' s wearing Bongo' s pink frilly bloomers' as Freer remembered why he shouldn't get dressed in the dark, and Bongo remembered just why he loved Freer so much. A giggly Scotty and Withers were ...

Posted Monday 1st Apr 2013 20:12

re: New Story

...browsing through a Wedding magazine, just in case Freer & Bongo decide to do take their friendship to the next level. With each day that passed everyone could see the bond growing between them. At that moment...

Posted Monday 1st Apr 2013 21:02

re: New Story

Christain Benteke strolled into camp wanting to have a chat with some one sided Villa Supporters about his future...

Posted Monday 1st Apr 2013 21:43

re: New Story

but was shocked to see Statesey and BB ...

Posted Tuesday 2nd Apr 2013 00:51

re: New Story

Sitting there having a eating competition. Stateside ate so fast he tried to eat BB aswell. Brendan then walking into the room and said Im never coming back on here if the mods keep eating people. Brendan managed to pull BB out of his mouth and

Posted Tuesday 2nd Apr 2013 11:34

re: New Story

Benteke wasn't fooled, even though some of the Villa Mad posse, still drunk, thought jelly babies where fellow VM's, Benteke was now speaking with Cakeside and...

Posted Friday 5th Apr 2013 15:36

re: New Story

was listening to Statesy explain that although he was a £150 million (in case Arsene Wenger is reading) striker, as well as Yubby's avatar - if he wanted to speak to Villamad posters, he would have to run the gauntlet of the now infamous VM initiation test. Benteke's first challenge was ...

Edited Tuesday 21st Jul 2015 11:33
Posted Friday 5th Apr 2013 15:57

re: New Story

To try to read one of Jshow's posts from start to finish, without losing interest halfway through.

He began reading one of the smaller ones, with hope and joy in his heart, but had to give up, simply because...

Posted Friday 5th Apr 2013 16:07

re: New Story

despite being only 21, he realised he probably only had another 70 years to live, and so he just didn't have enough time. Next was the dreaded ...

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