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Attention Derby County fans
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Posted Thursday 5th Feb 2009 16:40

DerbyMad Forum Rules (PLEASE READ)


Last updated: February 14th 2009

Welcome to Derby County Mad, this rules page was created with the intention to clarify the rules of this forum. Please note, that other club forums on the Footy-Mad network may have slightly different rules, according to what has been decided there. Below is a list of guidelines to help everyone have an enjoyable experience.

Your forum moderators for this board only are Bloomeram, Rattea and Ramondo.

You will notice there are three message boards within Derby Mad. These are:

1) The Ram Inn ? the main default page for all football related posts
2) The Sheep?s Lounge ? This is for general chat that is non football related
3) The Referees room ? This is a place to post questions and comments to the site editor and moderators about moderating and technical issues.

We have the three rooms to keep the main room easier to read for those who are only interested in football related conversations. Please try to post in the appropriate rooms ? moderators may move a thread to another room if they feel it is in the wrong place.

Personal attacks/abuse are not welcome here, appropriate action will be taken against the offending user. Banter is fine, personal insults are not. On occasions posts may be edited to be less offensive if that is all that is needed.

Swear filters
This site operates a language filter. In other words, swear words that you submit in a post are substituted for asterisks (*). This filter is there as 1) this is a family site, and we wish to make if friendly for anyone who wants to join in, and 2) to prevent the site being blocked by service providers and places of employment that do not wish for foul language to be used on their systems. It is understood that these words are used in everyday language and so as long as there are not multiple examples within one thread then nobody has a problem with them.

However, any attempt to avoid the swear filter by manually typing in the asterisks and key letters or substituting certain letters with alternative letters/numbers/symbols or by placing spaces between certain letters is not acceptable as it becomes clear what the intended word is.

Please also remember that although posters have to be 13 years old to register, any age group can view this board. Deliberately avoiding the swear filter will result in warnings and then cards being issued.

Racism is not tolerated on this forum and the offending user will be warned or possibly banned without warning if the case is severe enough. The offending post will usually be deleted.

Spam is a really bad internet phenomenon. It is not welcome on this board. Repeated posting of the same messages and unwanted advertising on the messageboard is one example. While we understand that threads will go off topic from time to time, and it is of course important to have fun, please do not be offended if you are asked to keep certain conversations in certain threads, for the sake of easy moderation, and ease of conversation.

It may from time to time become necessary to remove some posts or even threads for legal or other reasons explained above.

If posters are deemed to be deliberately taking threads off topic by spamming then action may be taken against those individuals.

Personal info
Please remember this is a public message board. Do not give out private personal information about yourself or about others.

Please be very careful about making remarks about people on this site that may be considered as libelous to the person involved. A good example is that announcing that a player has a drink problem could be considered libelous whereas merely commenting on a media report on the same subject may not be. Just use your common sense but be warned that there have been examples of individuals being prosecuted because of comments made on a message board.

Duplicate Posts
There are occasions when several posts on the same subject are posted. If it is felt that the duplicate posts offer no different slant on the subject then moderators may decide to close some of the threads to make it easier for other posters. A new signing for example could result in a dozen posts on the subject appearing within an hour of the news breaking.

Moderators are able to give three types of cards. We can issue yellow cards which will either ban for 1 hour or 24 hours, depending on the severity of the offence. Red cards are indefinite bans, but may be withdrawn after a certain amount of time if the moderating team agrees.

This site operates a carding system which means that if a poster receives three yellow cards, the site moderators may issue a straight Red for the next offence if they feel it is necessary. This is most likely to happen if the yellow cards have been issued to someone repeatedly ignoring one particular rule.

Disruptive Behavior
Remember this is just a messageboard and is supposed to be enjoyable. Any poster who is felt to be disruptive to the enjoyment of others or to the smooth running of the forums may find they are removed from the board in the interests of others.

Duplicate Usernames
Posters are only allowed to register and participate using one username. If it is decided that someone has created and posted with further names then these will be red carded. If a poster is banned from the board and returns under a different name, this username will also be banned.

Moderators can also edit posts, delete posts and threads and close threads if they feel it appropriate.

The most important rule is have fun! None of the rules listed above are considered to be particularly oppressive or unreasonable so it should be easy for posters to keep within the guidelines and still enjoy this website. The link at the bottom is for an funny guide to what posting is all about, it doesn't relate directly to this site but many principles are the same but it's very tongue in cheek and worth a look.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask about it within the ?Referees room? room or contact the Derby County Mad admin.

This page may be updated at any time. Please check back for edits every so often.

Edited Monday 2nd Nov 2015 21:28

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