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Bring back terraces - Airdrie United FC forum

Topic started: Wednesday 02 May 2007 18:33 PM
FenPoshUser is Offline Posts: 1Joined: May 2007Trialist8 year member
Posted 02 May 2007 18:33
Bring back terraces
Hi, As a Peterborough United fan who is lucky enough to still have terraces at our ground and will be gutted when we have to get rid of them, so on finding a petition on the Downing street website that is trying to get safe standing areas back at grounds (rugby league and union have terraces) I decided to post the link on as many football forums as I can. The link is below for anyone interested in signing. Every vote will count. Thank you for your time

nightboat2forgewoodUser is Offline Posts: 25Joined: March 2004Trialist11 year member
Posted 12 May 2007 18:29
re: Bring back terraces
Need fans for terraces and this lot don't have any :-d :-d :-d
StarBuckUser is Offline Posts: 22Liked: 182 times in 143 postsJoined: February 2004Trialist11 year member
Posted 12 May 2007 18:46
re: re: Bring back terraces
coming from a tramp like you, that is quite laughable :-d
The_Only_Rambo_BillyUser is Offline Posts: 41Liked: 3 times in 3 postsJoined: September 2003Trialist11 year member
Posted 02 Jul 2007 22:04
re: re: re: Bring back terraces
Yer, bring back terraces...
TigerJim3WAWUser is Offline Posts: 198Joined: October 2005Academy9 year member
Posted 02 Jul 2007 22:06
re: re: re: re: Bring back terraces
Yeah, well said Rambo.

Bring back smoking in pubs, slavery and Chicken Bovril
The_Only_Rambo_BillyUser is Offline Posts: 41Liked: 3 times in 3 postsJoined: September 2003Trialist11 year member
Posted 02 Jul 2007 22:07
re: re: re: re: re: Bring back terraces
Ahhhh chicken bovril with bits of someones fallen ash on the top...

Footballs just not the same....

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