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For ALL the Posters and Lurkers - Airdrie United FC forum

Topic started: Monday 03 January 2005 22:44 PM
433User is Offline Posts: 922Liked: 2 times in 2 postsJoined: May 2002Hall of Fame13 year member
Posted 03 Jan 2005 22:44
For ALL the Posters and Lurkers
We at AirdrieMad would like to thank each and every one of our posters and those that don't post for reading the site and making it the 2nd Airdrie site on the web.

We have done this with a minimal of effort, although some folks think we have not even done that.

The thing is, the board is monitored incase of anything that would offend. Most of us go to the games and the need to moan after the fact is NOT an Airdrie trait!!

That's why this site is going to be different.

You will find match reports on the site.
You will find opinions on the site
You will find loads of other toys to play with on the site like stats and other stuff. Best by a mile.

Fact is, this site is now here and it's not going away.

The ones that run it are busy folk and it's only a hobby.

If you think you could help out in any way we would like to hear from you. That includes even looking in from time to time just to keep the board free from anything
that could offend a Motherwell fan.

If you are interested give us a shout.
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