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Semi Fit birds you have actually met.... can be famous or not but only post pics of fitish birds you have actually met, which means speaking to, not just walking past in Asda!!
Cathy Brown, fittest Woman Boxer around and a really nice person
[X]Third-party image[X]

[X]Third-party image[X]

Gabrielle, was shacked up with a Boxer I was sparring with in Hackney
[X]Third-party image[X]
02 July 2007 13:41 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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Ghurkin I agree about starting new threads 02 July 2007 12:33 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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People of Airdrie..... due to the recent attack on Glasgow airport can I suggest you stay away from the major buildings in the town centre including Greasy Mac's Burger bar, Sexy Mo's Brothel and Jack McTickles Fun Bar!!!

Seriously though, I hope all is well and none of you Airdrionions were effected!!
30 June 2007 17:17 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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Had some day on the Horses today!!! Following on from the 100 and odd quid I won by backing Batfurd to turn Leeds over away from home last night I have had 9 winners from 14 races today, one of the best days I have ever had.

Stii got three to go but my Ladbrokes balance now stands at a healthy 241.30

Still got time to lose it all though :-d
30 June 2007 17:08 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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