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- Attention Airdrie Utd. fans Offer from Posted
Watch the Legends of the game relive old glories Footymad 25 May 02:16
Joined 19 Jul 2002 Total club posts 41 Daily Average 0.009 Total FM posts 11869 Daily Average 2.529


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replied to (Brentford) Im scared

started topic (Dunfermline A.) nae joy guys

Ya beauty... I'll be top of the Airdrie United Bad poster list after another...

3 posts.
13 July 2005 17:44 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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replied to Sting is rubbish

433 or 10 I'm off to airdaree on Sat. I'll get you a beer if you want.

Can't promise a square go but we'll see how it goes.

Name yer place. I know the area well... unfortunately.

If you can't get my e-mail from here, then yer a jaikey.
28 April 2005 00:37 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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replied to Mr owen (the legend) coyle

Ladies Night Looking forward to it.Since I,like the rest of Thistle suoorters,am a f@nny,can I go? 04 March 2005 01:16 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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replied to fao 433

Airdrie is a shanty town. Subject says it all,but ah'll admit it's no as bad as Glasgow.(Maryhill,in particular) 15 February 2005 00:32 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
Section B, Tank Tank Tank Subject says it all,cos I'm the biggest w*** going. 15 February 2005 00:24 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
Airdire UNITED You've got to be mad to support that mob.

Club killing bar stewards.

RIP Clydebank. We miss you.
15 February 2005 00:21 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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replied to Thistle on Saturday

replied to Thistle ring the changes

Airdrie Supporters Trust Don't Rearrange those words... 16 December 2004 21:11 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
Special Buses for Away Days Always thought you Airdire bunch looked like windae-lickers. 16 December 2004 21:09 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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started topic (Stirling Alb.) Andy Gibson

replied to 433 is OLAS

replied to Sandy Stewart says

More Diddies at New Broomfield than... ... at the Tudor Hotel last night.

23 October 2004 09:14 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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replied to Racism

replied to who runs this site

replied to Important notice for Saturday

HAW 433 You're gettin' a big smacker on the lips big boy!! 15 October 2004 10:36 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
JIMAC Any suggestions where to drink ramorra before the gemme?

Not keen on 433's regular haunt -- The Drum G -- too many airdireonian loyalists. Rool Britanya 'n aw that.

What about that place where the NGE smashed up? Good pint in there? Chairs ok to sit on or a wee bit shoogly?

How about I just join you in the gutter with a bottle of tonic wine? Don't bogart the tenner bag!

I'll be the guy in the away end getting it right f*ckin up ye when we score and after 90 minutes.

I'll also wave to you. Recognise your bold figure a mile away. You'll be the one doing Nazi salutes singing Elvis songs! Best excuse yet.

F*ck the diamonds.
15 October 2004 10:35 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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replied to Can Coyle make it 20

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