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replied to (Celtic) trochtova

replied to (Celtic) trotchova the hun nutbag has arrived

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replied to (Celtic) Should Celtic just withdraw and leave the huns and SFA to it

replied to (Celtic) Easy one for plod to shut down

started topic (Celtic) TSR and Gadafy

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started topic (Celtic) Justice for the 96

replied to (Celtic) new sectarian charges against Scotland's Shame...

replied to (Celtic) The Hun FA - a neanderthal organisation

started topic (Celtic) Paul McBride Q.C.

started topic (Celtic) Conveyor Belt Engineers Report to Murray Park

replied to (Celtic) Even wee Willie Henderson hates the hun bigots

replied to (Celtic) Good win last night

started topic (Celtic) Racist and Sectarian Huns

started topic (Celtic) Where's Waldo?

started topic (Celtic) Game Off

started topic (Celtic) LongLostHun

replied to (Celtic) I see Tartansquarehead has been banned

replied to (Celtic) Goram...........

started topic (Celtic) Turning Japanese

started topic (Celtic) Kibera Celtic

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