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Some debates were really settled long ago But we should be tolerant of visitors from less advanced cultures. 30 June 2007 16:16 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
Hoagy Do you think that an 'ultra' from the Gretnaboard should be taken seriously on here?

I refer my case to the Procurator Fiscal.
02 June 2007 22:23 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
I detect that the management of this board is not fit for purpose. :-o 12 May 2007 18:32 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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started topic (St. Mirren) Do you recognise this man?

Now we have touched bottom Are we the Lembit Opik of the SFL? 24 December 2006 00:44 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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replied to Sandy Stewart Quiz

Why does Pumped Bear call himself "Mr Bus Driver" ? %-( 10 June 2006 21:03 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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replied to How many Scottish grounds.....

433.. What is his role on AirdrieMaD?

He spends too much time on foreign affairs. Sometimes it seems that we need to get Stonefield as leader. He is dour but he is responsible for the economic miracle of keeping this board afloat. Or have I been over-influenced by Jim Traynor and other heavyweight journos?
01 April 2006 20:46 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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replied to Message in a Bottle

The Official Footymad are Phuds for banning StennyMad Thread I detect an injustice.


OK, who's up for forming a Snake Plissken Memorial Flute Band? ;-)
24 November 2005 20:10 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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started topic (St. Mirren) Nuetral_Saint's Guilty Secret

started topic (St. Mirren) Nuetral Saint

I have detected some stolen images.

If you want to grass up OLAS act responsibly against copyright piracy then you can make a long distance phone call to Denmark, contact Maryhill Cop Shop or post on SF.net.

Cr*pstopper Diamonds
25 October 2005 18:48 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
OLAS acting suspiciously We are still evaluating reports, but we will keep him under surveillance.

Remember to shred your season tickets before you put them in the bin.
24 October 2005 18:49 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
Newsflash Hamilton 3 St Midden 0 (Brian Hooligan)

End of
01 October 2005 16:08 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
Mortal Insult to an Airdrieonian Posted by sevillian on 24 Sep 17:27
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re: re: re: Will the beast return ...

traynor is a class a nob jockey, his witchhunt of lennon is getting embaressing, no matter what you think of the situation, he,s a total fanny.

How should we deal with this pipsqueak upstart?
24 September 2005 17:31 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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started topic (Stenhousemuir) PlisskenAir methinks

started topic (Stenhousemuir) Tonight's Quiz

started topic (Stenhousemuir) Mita...

replied to Pauldg1


started topic (Stirling Alb.) Gruntism -- are you thinking what we're thinking?

This board is being used in the planning and preparation of attacks against ScottishFitba.net.

It is part of the Axis of Evil.


(Information taken from a dodgy Dosser.)
23 February 2005 15:34 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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started topic (St. Mirren) Saints Fan MamboSambo

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