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replied to (Dundee Utd.) Strange request I know

replied to (Hull City) FAO Johnfirth

replied to (Dundee Utd.) Andy Robertson moving on?

replied to (Dundee Utd.) Andy Robertson

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replied to (Hull City) Sagbo.

started topic (Hull City) It only takes a few intersesting topics

started topic (Hull City) Euro qualifiers

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replied to (Hull City) well done

replied to (Hull City) Crass Stupidity 2, or the price of Labour

replied to (Dundee Utd.) Hull after stretch?

started topic (Dundee Utd.) Andy Robertson

replied to (Hull City) Bruce to be gone by Christmas...

replied to (Hull City) International fans of City

replied to (Hull City) Diame

replied to (Hull City) Who were the people ?

replied to (Barnsley) our Hull mate John Firth

replied to (Hull City) For those who don't know me

started topic (Sheff. Utd.) I heard a rumour

replied to (Hull City) ITS DOUR AT BARNSLEY

replied to (Hull City) Quinn on the way out ?

started topic (Hull City) Well good evening boys

replied to (Hull City) Who are our 4 home grown players ?

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