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Forum contributions

replied to 433 or 10

replied to rankers supporters do in airdrie.

Volunteers please just spoken to Les and he has asked me to relay this message to you all

Volunteers required to put down the pitch covers at 2pm today the more the merrier

so that's 2pm if you have some free time
13 January 2005 10:27 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
Forum contributions

replied to nice pink board 433

2nd Place In our recent poll 2nd place came out tops on where realistically our users think we will finish , I have to agree although i personally said 3rd but 2nd would be welcome and give falkirk a bit of a scare

dont forget to take part in this weeks new poll as well
18 December 2004 18:13 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
Red - Better users & Co Ed new color better ?????? 18 December 2004 17:58 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
Mini Match Report seeing as i was at work just a wee report today 18 December 2004 17:13 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
Forum contributions

replied to Boxing At The Pavilion

New Vote Halfway player of the year

only 3 choices for me
17 December 2004 22:28 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
Raith preview go look now 17 December 2004 16:43 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
Forum contributions

replied to Saturday Forecast.

Match Preview go look 10 December 2004 18:17 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
Supporters team update For anybody that is remotely intrested we are shaping up well could this years Player of the year have some silverware on show for the guest of Honour to present ??????????

08 December 2004 17:57 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
FAO Sparkly Diamond incase you dont see on the scottish site

a wee birdie says you are gonny drive to dingwall

i have a spare train ticket 11 leaving QS at 7:10 for a day on the bevvy give us a shout if your intrested
15 November 2004 06:10 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
The Boys a bit Special 15 November 2004 06:04 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
Forum contributions

replied to Time's up, 433!

Airdrie for the Texaco Cup 13 November 2004 02:53 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
Forum contributions

replied to Airdrie going down this season?

Match report the shitty footymad report has been replaced by a fans view ie me

no upload tools at work so i'll just have to link the piccys i wanted to use

at least it's honest !!!!!!!!
31 October 2004 00:20 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
FAO lancaster & swally 433 has big pals 30 October 2004 03:45 Started on 'Diamonds Chat' forum
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replied to A Nasty Hobbit

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