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Location: United Kingdom
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replied to (Cambridge U.) Computer help (please)

replied to (Scotland) Good news for us insomniacs

replied to (England) This is not a homophobic post.

replied to (Cambridge U.) Michael Palin

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replied to (Cambridge U.) My Mate Is A Cu nt Because He Bought 2 X Futons.

replied to (England) Bints christmas pressie

replied to (Cambridge U.) ***Le Inter National Predico Compe Elite Quarter Finale***

replied to (Cambridge U.) Chinese

replied to (England) If you was a manager.

replied to (England) Burnley won

replied to (Cambridge U.) Imagine the Bismarck

replied to (Cambridge U.) ***Le Inter National Predico Compe MD20 Results***

replied to (Cambridge U.) Stupid Pub Names

replied to Blades retract offer

replied to (Cambridge U.) Afternoon...

replied to (Cambridge U.) ***Le Inter National Predico Compe Double Points MD20***

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replied to (Cambridge U.) Predictocomp - Chalky is back oh oh(8)

replied to (Cambridge U.) Divvent read

replied to (England) Johnny Mathis and cooking.

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