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France U21s v England U21s Danny doesn't start. Michael Keane and Nathaniel Chalobah do however.

The French team is pretty strong and will give England a good game.

BBC showing ZERO interest.
17 November 2014 19:51 Started on 'Eli's' forum
WE ARE BURNLEY! Get in! Well done lads. Well done Barnesy - I thought last week you weren't good enough for the PL. So pleased you proved me wrong.

MOTD's Guy Mowbray at Turf Moor

Burnley 1-0 Hull

Posted at

"A lot has been made of Burnley not winning a game this season, but that has all changed now. Ashley Barnes was the goalscorer and it was a much deserved victory for the Clarets."
08 November 2014 16:58 Started on 'Eli's' forum
Last match for Pearce? Feel like a red top "journalist".:D

Forest haven't won any of their last eight games and have gleaned two points.
Tonight they play at home to Brentford who have started putting some results together.

Given the public fallout between Pearce and the Chairman in August and Forest's excellent ability at issuing P45s, a defeat tonight could see him gone.
05 November 2014 19:40 Started on 'Eli's' forum
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QPR v Villa 1-0 at HT. Austin.

I, like many, thought Villa would finally achieve their objective i.e. go down.

After a good start they're back to form.

Draw might be best for us (?).
27 October 2014 20:52 Started on 'Eli's' forum
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Meanwhile over at Accrington Ex-Claret Shay McCartan has scored a rare goal (in a rare start).

But the gate is a frightener: 947.

I can't see how they can continue long in the League with their gates. They are lower than most Conference teams. Fair play to them for being mid-table.
21 October 2014 21:00 Started on 'Eli's' forum
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