Burnley's First Goal Sweep 2014/15 

Prize for Swansea game = £30 (will increase to £40 with 17 more entries)

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We are Burnley Only the second team to avoid defeat at SB this season. Smallest budget by far in the PL.

One very proud Claret.

21 February 2015 17:07 Started on 'Eli's' forum
Pearce would sell West Brom "if it was right for the club" It could be a non-story but if I were a West Brom fan I wouldn't like the sound of that.

Personally I think that although they have a bigger catchment area than us, they are arguably the closest thing there is to a "model" for us to try to emulate (some will shoot me down for saying that).

He refused to spend crazy money and, instead, "used the PL system" to fund his their long-term future (it involved a few relegations but there was IMO a clear business strategy).
19 February 2015 20:38 Started on 'Eli's' forum
Villa v Leicester - spoiler Grim thus far (50 mins).0-0 with no action. I just hope it stays like that till the end.

I'm only writing about the match as it concerns two of our "rivals".

My interest in the FA Cup is at an all-time low.
15 February 2015 13:44 Started on 'Eli's' forum
Sherwood NOT going to QPR Sunderland v QPR (19:45 GMT)

Posted at

BBC Sport commentator John Southall on Twitter: Appears Tim Sherwood didn't get assurances about #QPR future so out of the running. Michael Laudrup?
10 February 2015 19:55 Started on 'Eli's' forum
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