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Same again tomorrow? I'm surprised there's no thread on the team for tomorrow. Yes, I do realise the team more or less picks itself.

However, there's one alternative. Now, I love Sam Vokes but having seen the last two games he's not there yet. It's perfectly understandable and I'm not knocking him. If we were safe or if it was January, I'd not be concerned. But with just six games left and goals needed I think SD must be wondering about the potential viability of changing things a little.

The one change as I see it is bringing Barnsey back into the middle alongside Danny. But there's then the rather big problem of who would play out on the left.There are just two options, neither ideal. I really don't know how long Matty Taylor could play for. Clearly not for 90 minutes. If he's still miles off even 45 minutes scatch that "solution".

The only other one is to bring Kightly in. Basically, the idea is to try something different. Sam could be brought on in the second half with Barnesy switching to the left.

I suspect I'll get stick now but we've no idea how long it's going to take Sam to get used to a higher level in addition to being 100% match-fit.
17 April 2015 22:10 Started on 'Eli's' forum
Blackpool - Half Century Apparently Blackpool (currently getting a good hiding at Derby 3-0) have used 50 (fifty) players this season. I know (well, sort of) why but 50 players in a season is enormous. 14 April 2015 20:24 Started on 'Eli's' forum
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This Weekend's "Other" Matches Southampton v Hull: Football cliche No. 6,985 "The Formbook goes out of the window at the end of the season".

Well, let's hope not. I feel okayish about this (Disclaimer: No liability accepted).

Sunderland v Palace:

Sadly, I think the Palace run will end when we don't need to.

Spurs v Villa: Lippy Sherwood returns to WHL. I'm praying for Kane to return to scoring (please Harry).DO NOT FEEL CONFIDENT.

West Brom v Leicester: I hope Pulis gave his team a good bolloking and they make Leicester pay. Ehm...

QPR v Chelsea: What can I say? I fear this one now that City have imploded.
10 April 2015 20:10 Started on 'Eli's' forum
Alex Cisak I know some will sneer (L1 etc) but I'd rather read that our keeper is doing a good job than being dubbed as crap. 07 April 2015 06:26 Started on 'Eli's' forum
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Jason Gilchrist makes his first start at Stanley Good luck, Jason! 06 April 2015 15:11 Started on 'Eli's' forum
Mike Duff - new contract? Apologies if:

a)this has been done recently;

b)it's been announced he's leaving

I would offer him another one-year contract.

Shoot me down if you wish but having seen him (albeit on TV) v Citeh and today, we could do far worse. We'd still need another cb (to have four)IMO but I cannot believe he's 37 the way he played today.
05 April 2015 19:50 Started on 'Eli's' forum
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Newcastle God I hate this club. 41 years of hatred. Kevin Keegan. Sleeping Giants. Big fat huge-bellied bare-topped clowns. Squander money, squander money. Can't produce a decent player of their own despite a huge catchment area (oh yeah, sorry, Gascoigne the Genius).

One shot on target today. You just knew it. And, yes, they'll probably wake up at TM. Inevitably.
05 April 2015 19:14 Started on 'Eli's' forum
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