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Six games to save a side That's the basic reality.
It has been an excellent effort whatever happens but the consequences of failing are immense.
If we do stay up we'll have a defence with real stature and confidence and the possibility of keepings Ings and Dyche. Fail and we will be in a very uncomfortable place indeed, with a squad cherry picked for our young talent and a load of journeymen left to soldier on.
Somehow those points have to be gained and to my mind it's going to require a more flexible approach.
12 April 2015 10:27 Started on 'Eli's' forum
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Thee stage is set Danny Boy The first time I clapped eyes on Danny Ings i immediately was made aware that this was a special player, not quite a Trevor Steven in languid genius but an exciting talent who could go far. Mind you I had something of the same feelings about Kevin Macdonald and he's taken a long time to start justifying any accolades.
Such talents don't as we know always make it, and usually we see the best of them in Claret and Blue, but Danny Ings i'm sure is one of those who will go on the better things, but what will be his legacy here, how will he be remembered.
Trevor will always be remembered as a little midfield wizard, Kevin as a lad suffering from arrested development, but over the remaining matches Danny has th e opportunity to become a Claret's Legend.
There is a feeling that he is not quite the player he was since attentions from others, but what is certain is that he has the magic to undo defences. It would be understandable if he took care of himself over the next few weeks, but I' d hope he has the character to giveit his all for a side in which he has gradually blossomed. We do of course more than most rely ona team ethic, but if one player can help us maintain our place at the top table its Danny Ings.
Good player or hero it's Roy of the Rovers time, and I know that must be hard to hear for many on here.
10 April 2015 08:57 Started on 'Eli's' forum
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Is SD a tactician? SD there is no doubt knows how to set up a side, how to motivate players and how to operate a system or style of play but is he yet a tactician who can outwit the opposition manager, adjust his teams set-up or style to counter opponents play or pose new problems for his opponents to overcome. For me at least it's still the one chink in his armoury, his adaptability.
It's good to see his most recent experiment with Barnes but against Arsenal which has become a crucial fixture it may well be necessary to draft Ward into midfield and go back to the old Vokes Ings partnership with Ings playing wide, it will be interesting to see whether he adapts his strategy.
Considering we are thought of as a fit side it is perhaps a little surprising that we have shipped in twice as many goals as we have scored in the second half of matches, are we being outwitted at half-time. To only score 10 goals in the second half as against 16 in the first indicates we tend to lose games after the break, perhaps our somewhat predictable though worthy methods get rumbled ?
08 April 2015 09:54 Started on 'Eli's' forum
A left-backs life is not a happy one It always amazes me just how lacking football fans are about the realities of the game.
Why is it that the poor old left-back takes the stick for all the defensive frailties of a side, when the reality is he's in the most vulnerable position on the field.
Just think of the distribution of right and left footed players the former outweigh the latter many times to 1, and therefore its not surprising that in general the most gifted players are right-footed ones and that teams tend to attack to most advantage down their right flank.
It's therefore up to the manager to protect that flank, it is if you like the defensive flank.
That leads me to the criticism of Ben Mee. Of course some is justified, he is perhaps lacking pace at this level, and his final ball does not have the quality of Trippier, but he is in my opinion a player of immense potential.
Not many players can cope with playing two defensive roles in the top draw but we know that he can. He will I believe turn out to be one of the best centre- halves the club has ever had.
It's interesting how Mee grows into a game as he resolves the new problems being thrown at him, he is above all an intelligent player and there aren't too many of those.
I'm sure with time he'll go further than any of our present defensive players.
02 February 2015 10:49 Started on 'Eli's' forum
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Time for the Board to act I see my alter ego the stinging butterfly is getting plenty of flack for accosting the Board for its lack of activity but as Claretspice points out about this he's right.
Not necessarily because surviving in the Premiership is vital but because this is our best chance of attracting young talented players to the club, and it is young talent that this club needs. By the time we get to the end of the season that chance might well have gone.
If we are relegated, lose Ings and probably Trippier and Dyche we've really not replenished the side for the next struggle. Yes we'll still have some decent players but many of them ageing and no doubt deflated.
10 million spent now on some bright young stars, particularly in midfield and we might be prepared for any eventuality.
Sadly it appears as if once again the money has drained away into the Clarets Vault.
31 January 2015 12:26 Started on 'Eli's' forum
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