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Not too many cup shocks so far A few interesting Capital One cup results so far, not too many that would raise an eyebrow so far though.

Blackburn losing at home to Scunny stands out, as does Wolves getting hit at home by league 2 Northampton. I've mentioned Wigans whimpering (yet understrength) exit at league 2 Burton last night in another thread.

Ipswich got a good win against newly relegated Fulham at the weekend, slightly against the run of play I heard - interesting they were beaten by Crawley (we know how that feels). Meanwhile, Blackpool continued to show how much trouble they are in by following up their opening day defeat to Forest with an early cup exit away to Shrewsbury.

Aside from those, quite a few banana skins avoided. Huddersfield was an interesting one, although they won away at Chesterfield by scoring 5, they conceded 3. Add this to the 4 they conceded at home on Saturday to Bournemouth and it shows they have some defensive problems!! Slight understatement I think.
13 August 2014 13:12 Started on 'The Ram Inn' forum
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Do we have any clearer perspective on our chances now? I don't take too much stock from opening day performances. Fitness, new players settling, slightly different psychology, blah, blah.

I thought we looked largely ineffective yesterday, some good touches but overall rather predictable.

Having said that, newly promoted teams on the first day of the season are always going to give you a hard game. And for some reason, we usually seem to get them.

I was quite impressed by Rotherham, I don't think we deserved the 3 points necessarily, and I don't think they did either. Can't say anyone could have too much to argue about with a point each.

One thing that is niggling though, even though it was the first game of the season. I said in the summer that we were struggling against sides at home who defend deeply and hit us on the break. A lot more teams are going to do what Rotherham did yesterday this season, and I'm not convinced we are strong enough yet to get the points return from those games that we need.

I hope I'm wrong of course. Like I say, first games of the season aren't a very reliable indicator, far from it.

It would have been nice to play Blackpool or Leeds on the first day, would have been a big boost to smash 5 goals in >:)
10 August 2014 09:54 Started on 'The Ram Inn' forum
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