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Lee Clark sacked What a shame, I was hoping B'ham were going to let him carry on doing sod-all for months to come 20 October 2014 17:26 Started on 'The Ram Inn' forum
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replied to Jack Butland on loan deal!

Will game be on? 40mph winds and rain forecast for the game tomorrow.

Will it go ahead?

If so, might be a bit of a lottery
20 October 2014 11:15 Started on 'The Ram Inn' forum
Settled back 4 With the debate over cb pairings rumbling on in the DET again today, who would you choose as our back 4 for the next 5 games if you had to choose them now?

I think there are good arguments for and against most options, but personally I'd like to see us choose 2 cb's and, injury allowing, let them form a partnership.

My choice:

Christie, Keogh, Whitbread, Forsyth
13 October 2014 11:13 Started on 'The Ram Inn' forum

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