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Chance to get rid of FIFA? Looks like Qatar World Cup will be Nov-Dec. With the PL crying foul, and other Euro leagues possibly to follow, is it a chance for federations to pull out of FIFA and set up a rival footballing authority?

As FIFA gets more and more bloated and self serving is this the only way of wresting the game out of the hands of Blatter et al?

Would you want the FA to leave FIFA. Would a new order led by the men behind the TV giant deal funded leagues be even worse?

All things need to evolve or face extinction. Is this the death knell for FIFA?
25 February 2015 20:51 Started on 'The Ram Inn' forum
Mourinho would of loved that ...was the comment I heard on leaving the game..meant as a criticism

After a wonderful first 20 mins and a decent next 25 Charlton came out after HT with more bite and put us under more pressure, penning us into our own half for a good 10 mins. After that we wrestled control back off them and killed off the game earning a much needed clean sheet.'d have thought from the atmos and comments around the ground that we'd drawn or lost!

'Get forward Derby!' 'This is ****' 'stop passing backwards' etc etc.

Can remember Charlton having 1 effort n target in second 45, and that looked possibly deflected from where I was.

An awesome performance from the boys tonight. Just what was needed with all our rivals winning, but the main theme upon leaving the ground was one of disappointment?!

The South Stand, superb when we went 1 andd 2 up, were silent most of the second half, and nervousness spread round the ground like a plague. A few songs to ease the tension were def required. We should have been 'Ole'ing' for the last 20 mins, such was our dominance of possession.

28.000 Rams fans there may have been at PP tonight, but it seemed like about 15% knew anything about footy :blue:

Very professional 3 points tonight COYR!!!!!
24 February 2015 23:09 Started on 'The Ram Inn' forum
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Team for Tonight? I think we'll make a few changes to incorporate those who've rescued us from the bench in recent games






Think Lingard will have earnt his start, so Shotton will come in as both he and Ince offer less defensive cover than Dawkins/Ward or Russell.

Bryson in, to rest Jeff who's been a little jaded by the sounds of it.



Hoping Russell fit enough to be Bent's cover, if not Ward, tho Kwarme could yet get another go.
24 February 2015 11:13 Started on 'The Ram Inn' forum
Pre-match quiz tonight Managed to get a ticket through work for tonight's game that includes a pre-match quiz in one of the lounges at PP.

Anyone else on here going, or been to one before?
24 February 2015 10:30 Started on 'The Ram Inn' forum

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