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Loan signings - Arbroath FC forum

Topic started: Tuesday 05 March 2013 18:46 PM
AFC1320User is Offline Posts: 4,203Liked: 7 times in 6 postsJoined: June 2004Hall of Fame11 year member
Posted 05 Mar 2013 18:46
Loan signings
IMO if you sign somebody on loan from an SPL club they must be better than you have already got in that position and the last few we have got on loan i personaly do not think they have been.
I think you need seasoned players from the SPL in their mid 20's and not youngsters from their youth teams who have not played first team football, okay you have the exeptions like Callum Booth but over the years our best loan signings have been Graham Bayne and John McGlashan who were coming back from injury but were part of a very good Dundee FC team and more recently Keith Gibson who was a seasoned pro and ex-S-cumtrose captain who had fell out with their Manager.
Nothing against the young lad Smith from Hibs who looks a decent prospect but is he really better than either Sibby or Rennie who can both play wide right?
highland_lichtieUser is Offline Posts: 547Liked: 1 time in 1 postJoined: September 2009Hall of Fame5 year member
Posted 06 Mar 2013 23:52
re: Loan signings
Must be old age but I find myself mainly agreeing with you again!!

Thought the young Arbroath players who came on on sat were just as good as an expensive SPL youngster.
WeHateMontroseUser is Offline Posts: 2,082Liked: 1 time in 1 postJoined: July 2003Hall of Fame12 year member
Posted 07 Mar 2013 12:26
re: Loan signings
Here s some free agents who can sign until end of season or play as a trialist for 3 games. Derek Riordan,Michael Stewart,Ryan Harding,Rory Bouulding,Paul Shields,Robbie Winters,Gerard Lunday,Eric Paton,Steven Bell,Russell Duncan,Marc Fitzpatrick and Richard Hastings
Mr_RefhaterUser is Offline Posts: 245Joined: December 2011Reserves3 year member
Posted 13 Mar 2013 18:18
re: Loan signings
Can't believe both Derek Riordan and Michael Stewart are free agents? Nobody wants to take a punt on these guys??? Certainly Riordan in particular is a gamble in many respects, but surely one worth taking?
User edit 13 Mar 18:20
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