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Today's viewing sorted! Off work with a phucked back all week, bored rigid and phucked off at not being able to make 4-0 romp over Raith through the week.

However just had the DFCTV Goals 2013-14 (with extended highlights of the Dmbarton game!) DVD land on the door mat.

Today's viewing sorted. Finger poised on the replay button. Smile on face!

29 August 2014 11:29 Started on 'Dees Banter' forum
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Some DFC nostalgia on twitter For any of you guys on twitter, give @ScotsFooytCards a follow.

Loads of nostalgia from Topps Football Cards to Panini Stickers to old newspaper clippings and much more in between. Obviously the guy running it isn't a Dee (I'm guessing a DAB actually - Andy Gray is his avatar), but today there's a piece from Shoot in 1993 where they were going across the UK looking for the hardest shot etc.

Ivo Den Bieman best 100m
Paul Mathers longest goalie throw and...hardest shot!
Duuuuuuuuuusan longest throw

Well worth a smile inducing look.

Ahhhh, memories!
28 August 2014 18:57 Started on 'Dees Banter' forum

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