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A likely telephone scenario in the next few days... Ring, ring, ring ring...

"Errm, hi, is this Dave fae Raploch?"
"Aye, how, whau's askin?"
"Oh, great, errm , well, ma name is Paul, ah play fir yer auld club at the dump an ah'm in a wee bit o' a pickle"
"Oh aye, so how can ah help ye?"
"Well Dave, ah wis jist wundrin like if ye still hae the number o' thon lawyer whit got ye aff wi pumpin' yon burd when she wis asleep aff her face wi the bevvy like"
"Oh aye, well hud oan, ah'll see if ah've still got it..."
23 October 2014 08:27 Started on 'Dees Banter' forum
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Germans sign... official Just seen it on the main site, great stuff, squad almost complete? 21 July 2014 09:06 Started on 'Dees Banter' forum
Confirmed GGH He is back, 2 year deal. 30 June 2014 09:02 Started on 'Dees Banter' forum
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Pre-match party Hi again, I hope this link works, just a wee taster of the pre-match atmosphere, this was around 2.20pm.

07 May 2014 13:47 Started on 'Dees Banter' forum
What a day Wow! what can I say and where do I start?

Ok I work nights and most weekends so don't get to many games so I apologise if my getting a ticket for the game deprived anyone who goes every week. Had to work Friday night but got away soon after 6am and got some kip at least. Into Dens at 2pm, the earliest since I was a bairn in the late 60's/early 70's but boy was it worth it, what an atmosphere.

My son travels and goes to Dens with the LBC squad so I was right in the mix with them making it was a bouncing day from start to finish, they just don't let up, ok, sometimes the behaviour is a bit over the top but generally they are the heart and soul of the chants and songs, and, most of them go to every game, home and away.

Now, I know some of you on here have in the past panned Twist And Shout but today's rendition was just something special, the whole corener of the Derry was phucking jumping, the hairs on my neck were standing up and I was welling up, it was just an incredible feeling, footie fans having a great time.

So to the goals, I've been in some decent crowds at Dens but the noise, particularly at the second goal was deafening and the celebrations wild. I had to crouch down to avoid possible death as the surge hit me, some boy even leap-frogged over me to get down to the front, ffs, what is it about football that gets us like that???

Like many, I thought we'd see the game out but the 2nd half became very nervy, credit to Dumbarton for having a right go at us, I think our boys were getting nervous, as were we on the terraces as the unthinkable unfolded at Hamilton. Dumbarton's penalty had us all absolutely bricking it as we just didn't look like scoring again, they should have had another penalty but we should have had one too, their keeper also had a great save from Peaso as we finally got in and around the box to get some shots away. Then there was Letheren's save at the death, jeezo, how did he get down to that, everyone did their job today and none more so then Kyle Letheren in that split-second that pretty much won us the game.

Once we got the ball down in the corner I knew we'd done it but it seemed like an eternity until the ref blew for time-up and the emotions ran riot.

I'm not against pitch invasions and I thought today most of the guys did it well by coming off again so the trophy could be presented and the team could do their lap of honour, yes there was still a few guys being idiots but it was all pretty good natured, the older guy dancing away to Three Little Birds right down in the corner was a hoot, the police had to ask him to move off the track area but he wasn't having it, thankfully he didn't get lifted, what a great moment. As was keeping the ball in the derry, did it ever get punted back onto the pitch? I saw one guy on the pitch after the whistle with a ball shoved up his top, mental scenes.

And that was that, I couldn't go out to celebrate as I had to work again on Saturday night but I looked back on it all through my shift, what a day, thanks Dundee FC and thanks to our incredible support, we deserve so much better and who knows? maybe better times are on their way, the significance of today's result might not have dawned on us, but it will.

Altogether now... "Come on come on come on baby now, twist and shout (twist and shout)... etc etc.
04 May 2014 08:41 Started on 'Dees Banter' forum
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replied to goals that lifted the roof aff the Derry

More in hope... Hey guys,

If anyone has a spare ticket for anywhere in the ground (preferrably South Enclosure) can you let me know.

Thanks in advance, and desperation.
30 April 2014 15:38 Started on 'Dees Banter' forum
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Realistic Valuations Found this earlier while browsing, bound to get a few dabs biting.

Ryan Gauld
Getty Images
Date of birth:16.12.1995
Place of birth:Aberdeen
Nationality: Scottland
*********Midfield - Attacking Midfield
Market value:175.000

Here's the site link...
21 January 2014 23:09 Started on 'Dees Banter' forum
Confused of Dundee writes... If a football club relies on a cash injection of around 4-500k every season then how can they be reported as turning a profit?

If the profit is claimed to be around the 100k mark does that not suggest the club has actually LOST 3-400k??????

The DABS should eat some humble pie and realise how f*****g lucky they are to have the Thomson's plugging their leaky finances let alone the wages they must be paying this season.

Seriously though, how does that add up?

Curious of Dundee.
16 November 2013 08:53 Started on 'Dees Banter' forum

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