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Forum contributions

started topic (Scotland) Hiya everybody, hope your club's coping well with Armageddon

started topic (Aberdeen) Celtic Park as a venue, any complaints?

replied to (Scotland) Why is the word ****banned

replied to (Scotland) Topical Thread - Post a picture of your back door

started topic (Scotland) Celtic shop on fire..........

started topic (Scotland) Do official's wives matter??

started topic (Scotland) The Rangers fans and their quandary

replied to (Scotland) What's yer fav biblical film??

replied to (Scotland) Labour targeting the religious vote.

replied to (Scotland) Minute's silence?

replied to (Scotland) WE say genocide,what genocide???

replied to (Scotland) Is it just a Scots problem:Plasticity??

started topic (Scotland) What annoys me when it comes to football and politics

started topic (Scotland) Has the grief culture always existed or only post Diana??

replied to (Scotland) Falkirk tell celtic

replied to (Scotland) Scotland's Clans,BBC2 last night

replied to (Scotland) My eldest Daughter

replied to (Scotland) Celtics top scorer of all tme

started topic (Scotland) January:For every 1 Rangers spent,Celtic will spent 2M

replied to (Scotland) Liewell says the yahoos will spend big in january

replied to (Scotland) In Walter we trust

started topic (Scotland) Rangers could take 12 from 12 from OF games

replied to (Scotland) The Kyle Lafferty yobs incident

replied to (Scotland) We should have had THREE penalties.

replied to (Scotland) rangers have sold out.

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