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Location: Wirral, United Kingdom
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replied to (Cambridge U.) Haw Deezel

replied to (Cambridge U.) Gaffney, Morrissey.

started topic (Cambridge U.) Predictocomp continues tbh

replied to (Cambridge U.) Kenneth..

replied to (Cambridge U.) Weekend

started topic (Cambridge U.) predictocomp early edition

replied to (Cambridge U.) Haw Frank

replied to (Cambridge U.) Tonight I am supporting...

replied to (Cambridge U.) Horror is waiting.

replied to (Cambridge U.) Those adverts down there

replied to (Cambridge U.) Haw Deezel

started topic (Cambridge U.) Terry Pratchett

replied to (Cambridge U.) New (used to be fair) books I of bought recently

started topic (Cambridge U.) Inanimate objects that make you happy

replied to (Cambridge U.) comedies from the past...

replied to (Cambridge U.) Haw, PSB clique

started topic (Cambridge U.) predictocomp salutes cowdenbeath

replied to (Cambridge U.) Haw, Daleys

started topic (Cambridge U.) inanimate objects that make you* a tad annoyed...

replied to (Cambridge U.) List off of people you feel indifferent about

replied to (Cambridge U.) Andover

replied to (Cambridge U.) List of people that boil other people's piss but you like.

replied to (Cambridge U.) ***Le Inter World Tropa Compe Match Day 6 Results***

replied to (Cambridge U.) Skateboard dream interpretation

replied to (Cambridge U.) Revised list off of people that boil my piss

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